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No Need to Pay Expensive Doctors, !! Enough With $ 1 Your Kidneys Will Be Total Health

THEBOEGIS.COM - Kidney is one of the organs, especially in the human body. Over the years our kidneys filter blood by removing it: salt, poisons and some other unwanted substances that enter our bodies. Concurrently as time goes by, salt accumulation runs and requires regular and periodic maintenance and cleaning, at least once a month.

That's here our KIDNEY WASH TIPS through cheap and natural ways. With a cost of less than $ 1.!

The steps are very easy, as such:
  1. Buy a bunch of celery leaves
  2. Wash thoroughly, then cut into small pieces and enter into a pan
  3. Pour clean water, approximately 1 liter, simmer for 10 minutes and leave it to cool
  4. Strain and pour into a clean bottle then keep in the refrigerator until cool. Drink one glass everyday and you will see all the salt deposits and other toxins coming out of your kidneys when urinating.

You will see an inequality that you have never felt before.
Celery is also known as the best NATURAL medicine to cleanse the kidneys !!! So there is no impact !!!

Please distribute to all your relatives and partners, so that it can provide benefits for some people who need that information. Especially for some people who regularly consume factory drugs.

If the kidney problems run, never rush to clean the blood !!! There are tips to overcome them:

Avocado seeds sliced ​​into small pieces and dry in the sun to dry (like crackers). Next milled until smooth, take the powder and then make it like we make coffee or tea. Drink like we drink coffee, 3 times a day.
Drink until it returns to normal. There is no risk.

  • After eating watermelon, don't ever drink milk as soon as possible.
  • After eating mangosteen, don't ever drink sugar as soon as possible.
  • After eating durian, don't ever drink beer and coca cola can stroke quickly.
  • After eating pear, don't ever drink honey as soon as it can be poisoned to death!
  • After eating shrimp, don't ever drink vit C as soon as possible, because vit C + shrimp = arsenic poisoning (arsenic reaction path in shrimp and vit C)
  • Honey + onion = cause eye damage
  • Honey + tofu = cause hearing damage
  • Honey + milk soybeans = interferes with digestion and hearing
  • Honey + tea = interferes with digestion
  • Honey + crab = poisoning
  • Honey + pear = results in damage to the 5 most prominent / dead organs
  • Never drink orange or orange juice while eating sea food ... maybe calcium citrate ... not good for your kidneys ...
Send to generally our loved ones, hopefully we all live healthy. Do not ever be stingy sharing with your close family friends. Good luck and hopefully useful.
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