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Alert,! 7 Signs of Cervical Cancer that Women Need to Observe

7 Signs of Cervical Cancer that Women Need to Observe
Diseases that arise in the cervix or cervix, can be a very serious problem for women. The presence of this disease is so worrying, but the growth of the
cervix can be estimated and healed if it is known from the beginning.
HPV or human papillomavirus is the most common cause of diseases that appear on the cervix. This infection can be transmitted sexually and appears in many types.

HPV can recover naturally or can cause abnormal cell expansion which can lead to cervical cancer. These are the 7 signals of cervical cancer that you need to observe.

1. Uncommon discharge.
After the cancer begins to develop in the cervix, the uterine dividing cells will be free and cause career secretions.

2. Warts.
According to gynecologist Rosa Maria Leme, the appearance of warts (external or internal) could be a warning for some diseases, including cervical cancer.

3. Pain or bleeding.
The development of cervical cancer that takes place in the cervix can make it dry and cause bleeding and pain. Your rectum or bladder can also experience bleeding. If you experience bleeding outside the menstrual period, you should immediately check yourself.

4. Anemia.
If you go on a diet but there is no change, but
you often feel tired or your heart beats faster after going on a diet, your face will generally look pale. This situation is the result of abnormal bleeding which can lead to cervical cancer.

5. Urinary problems.
When the cervix develops, the bladder and kidneys will be depressed which can interfere with the entry of urine. This can result in pain when urinating or confusion of the urinary tract.
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