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READ MANDATORY Don't Underestimate Sickle in Nails, Number of Sickle Indicates YOUR Health !!!

READ MANDATORY Don't Underestimate Sickle in Nails, Number of Sickle Indicates YOUR Health !!!
To know body health is indeed a variety of ways you can do, be it see body health through bad breath, feet, and others. Although there are also things that are quite important to make the study in a detailed way, namely there is a sickle that looks bright on the thumb on the finger can give a symbol of the health of your organs.

But not only that, even on each of the other fingers on the hand can also look bright there will be a sickle that adorns the fingers on your hand. And it turns out that each scythe has a signal that needs careful attention. Which is also a sign that it will be healthy or not the state of the organs. Why is that ...?

That there is a sickle visible on the thumb on the finger, it does have signs of health in your organs. Even in the middle and index fingers on the hand there must be a sickle, even though that ring finger can have no sickle. And the limit of the number of sickles is at least 8, but if there is a sickle of 10, so that is more prime. But if the number of sickles on your fingers is only a little or less than the number 8, so it could be a sign if your health or endurance is reduced and unstable.

Based on the explanation from expert doctors in China, show that a person's health can be seen from his nails. Which is indeed logical in the scientific way. With the exception of the thumb, if there is no sickle on the other finger, it can be a sign that a person's kidney is easily hurt.

From the explanation above, it can be interpreted, if there is a sickle in the thumb on the finger. Then why is that so ...? You need to recognize, if a healthy person should have sickles on both sides of his thumb. Where the sickle is about 1/5 nail. Even if there is no sickle in the thumb, so this might be a sign that someone is lacking power, and the condition for absorption of the large intestine is not healthy.

For a moment if the sickle suddenly disappears, shrinks, or is dark, so there may be chronic diseases, such as tumors and internal bleeding. However, if there is a sickle that has an increasingly wider size or size that is more than 1/5 of the nail, so it may be that there are signs of cardiac hepertrophy, hepertency, stroke, cardiovascular susceptibility, and others.

Beyond that, based on what is expressed by some experts also show, if the smaller the sickle is, so it can show the power in the body is also smaller and body health is also shrinking, even the immune system also experienced a decline. However, more attention if there is no sickle, so it could be a sign of a chronic pain.

Well ... if the sickle in your fingers decreases, so a lot of consumption of protein and black foods such as mushrooms, brown rice, hyuka mushrooms, and maintain stamina, and do not forget to frequently exercise regularly.

Therefore, the presence of a sickle in each finger can indeed show your body's health. Until all that you can make an indicator of the state of health in the body if experiencing problems. Thus, you can also immediately cope with the right way too.
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