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Mainframe Computers: Definition and Characteristics (Complete Discussion)

THEBOEGIS.COMMainframe Computers: Definition and Characteristics (Complete Discussion) - The following will be explained in a straightforward manner about what a Mainframe Computer is and what are the characteristics of a Mainframe Computer itself. And explained what is the difference between Mainframe Computers and Super Computers.

Mainframe Computers: Definition and Characteristics (Complete Discussion)

Let's start by understanding the meaning of mainframes first.

Definition of Mainframe

Mainframe in English is a term of Information Technology that refers to the highest class of a computer consisting of several computers capable of performing many complex computing tasks in a very short period of time. Mainframes are generally widely used by users who are connected directly using the terminal.

Definition of Supercomputer

What is meant by a supercomputer is a computer device that is a leader in the world in the capacity of the process, especially the speed in the calculation at the beginning of its introduction. Supercomputers were launched or introduced around the 1960s, which had been designed by Seymour Cray at CDC (Control Data Corporation).

Crey at that time became the leader of supercomputers for around 25 years (1965-1990). At that time small competitors had begun to emerge and enter the market around the 1980s. And now, the supercomputer market is held by HP and IBM. One of the main users of supercomputers is the military and science agencies.

Characteristics of Mainframe Computers

  • The mainframe computer characteristics include:
  • Processors that have more than one, so that the speed of the process is much faster than a mini computer
  • The mainframe's work speed reaches 1 billion operations per second
  • Being able to access in one computer at the same time, which is known as timesharing.
  • Examples of computer mainframes: IBM System / 360, IBMSystem (ESA) / 390, Honeywell-Bull DPS 7.

Comparison of Mainframes and Supercomputers

Mainframes are large computers that are used to process large amounts of data and applications. Generally used by companies or organizations that handle data such as financial transactions, censuses, research research and military needs. This mainframe is capable of handling hundreds of users at the same time.

This type of computer is very expensive and usually only large companies are able to use it. Whereas Supercomputers can only be used for intensive calculations such as climate research namely global warming and molecular modeling, analytics and physical simulations.

That's our explanation this time about Mainframe Computers: Understanding and Characteristics (Complete Discussion), hopefully can add insight and can be useful for us all. That is all and thank you.
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