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No need to worry, it turns out hemorrhoids can be treated this way, please share.

THEBOEGIS.COM - Hemorrhoids often faced by people usually. The pain felt when sitting does not make the sufferer feel comfortable. Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are pathological conditions that swell or inflammation of hemorrhoids, vascular structures in the anal canal that help control bowel movements.

Healing Hemorrhoids 

Now hemorrhoids patients are looking for a cure that can treat the disease. It does not need to worry anymore, because some of these natural ingredients which are likely to get at home, can cure your hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids, as taken from DiscoveryHealth.

Ice Cube 
Ice cube is often a medicine to get rid of pain, as well as in hemorrhoids. Ice cubes can soothe pain in hemorrhoids by compressing the affected area.

The steps: Break the ice cubes into small pieces, place them in plastic and cover with a non-thin towel, then sit on it. This ice cube or cooler will double, first eliminate the pain in the area and secondly reduce blood flow to the swollen blood vessels.

Apple vinegar 
Using a drop of apple cider vinegar or general vinegar for hemorrhoids can stop the itching and burning sensation due to hemorrhoids. Vinegar also has a character that helps to reduce swollen blood vessels.

The steps: After wiping the hemorrhoid area dry, take a cottonball and drop the vinegar on it then give it slowly to the area.

Aloe vera 
Aloe vera is also known as a versatile medicine, including for healing hemorrhoids. Anti-inflammatory character on aloe vera can reduce swelling, burning sensation and inflammation, to help reduce the irritation of hemorrhoids. Coldness in the liquid or gel can also give a calming effect.

The steps: Cut the leaves of aloe and give the gel gently to the hemorrhoid area.

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