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Very Deadly Disease, !! Don't Be Affected By You, The Hobbies For Drinking Warm Tea Must Read..Please Spread ..

THEBOEGIS.COM - Are you one of those people who likes to drink tea but combine milk? There are some people said that when drinking hot tea combined with milk it feels more delicious.

But you need to be careful, this routine of drinking hot tea combined with milk is so bad for your health. Although it is thought that these two drinks are healthy, but if the compounds in tea and milk are combined, it will cause a high risk for some drinkers.

According to a research published in the European Heart Journal, when drinking hot tea combined with milk, the benefits of the tea will disappear. This is because the protein present in casein-shaped milk can reduce the concentration of catchein (a compound found in tea that is so beneficial to avoid a heart attack).

Beyond that, milk is essentially a beverage as a source of calcium which is beneficial for bone health. But if the milk is combined with tea so the calcium will be mixed with a compound called oxalic acid.

Inside the body, oxalic acid compounds can bind to calcium and make one particle commonly referred to as kidney stones. As well as the content of oxalic acid with calcium, this will naturally become attached to each other which results in kidney stones in your body.

Even the size of kidney stones is also influenced by how much attachment to calcium particles and oxalic acid. If the two bonds are naturally bound together in large numbers, of course the greater the kidney stone particles are formed.

 Terrible is not it? therefore do not drink tea combined with milk. And if this has become a habit, you should stay away from dangerous routines like this.

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