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Recognize The Characteristics Of Donuts Containing Borax And Candles

THEBOEGIS.COM – Who doesn't like to eat donuts, that one snack is very popular because it tastes sweet, and can be eaten while enjoying it as a buffer for hunger ... especially accompanied by a cup of sweet tea, just imagine I'm already tempted to taste.

Did you know, there are many naughty merchants making donuts using borax, and candles? They have been operating the business for several years. Creepy right? Some naughty traders said that by using borax and donut candles that they make will look better from the composition and war and the customer also no complaints.

The texture is more chewy, if fried donuts don't quickly empty, the color of the donuts is tempting which is light brown to make consumers will like the look of donuts like this. Generally, the naughty traders said that to obtain borax is not difficult, the proof is that they can buy borax in a cake shop, and it is very easy to find the nearest shops.

The cooking system employed by the naughty merchants previously fried donuts, first heating the oil after the oil was hot, they put some of the wax into the hot oil, until all of the wax melted and only the thread remained.

All that is thrown away is a piece of wax from a candle, and after mixing with oil and new wax they put in a donut. In fact, frying using a candle can prevent the use of oil, and they get a lot of results. Although that we must also be observant on fast food that we often consume. Below are some tips to see the original donuts and donuts that have been combined with borax and candles:

- Pay attention to the composition and color of the donuts. Donuts that don't use sliced ​​borax will be easy and easy, while donuts that use sliced ​​borax will feel hard. 

-The colors on borax donuts will look good, and the war is the same overall light brown. If you do not use borax the color is not attractive rather brownish old. 

-Donates that use borax hold up to three days, while for donuts without borax only hold up to a day. 

-We better buy donuts at a special pastry shop, don't buy food anywhere. 

Hope it can be useful for all readers. it is better to start from now, we should pay attention to the type of food that enters our body. Because as we recognize the danger of borax and wax is not half-hearted for health.

The two chemicals that are very risky can interfere with health, it is better this time we are more observant to watch food circulating in the market.
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