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Watch out !! Healthy Eating Can Kill You When Taken Together

THEBOEGIS.COM – Close friends ... the food we consume is resources for the body. Every day every human being needs food consumption. And we are encouraged to always consume healthy and nutritious food so that all organs in our body can function properly. nutritious food will provide benefits that are good for the state of health.

But, do you know that there are many restrictions on mixing or combining some foods that actually have good nutrition for the body? some health experts give abstinence and do not recommend that food be combined because it is very risky for bodily health and can even be the cause of death. Any food that cannot be consumed concurrently or consumed, the information is:

1. After consuming shrimp, don't drink vitamin C or eat processed foods that have basic ingredients of shrimp with orange juice or juice that contains vitamin C. Combining the two types of food can cause arsenic poisoning. A serious possibility will be faced by someone who consumes shrimp together with food or drinks that contain vitamin C (for example, orange ice).

In essence, shrimps contain Arsenic Pentoxide (As2O5). When meeting with supplements containing Vitamin C, a chemical reaction in the stomach will take place that turns As3O5 into Arsenic Trioxide (As2O3) which is very toxic. This can result in liver, heart, kidney, blood vessels damaged, intestines out of blood, blood vessels dilate until a person dies with the five senses bleeding.

This has been faced by a friend. My friend suddenly vomited in a cafe after eating processed shrimp and immediately drank orange juice. He was rushed to the Hospital Residence and was forced to be treated intensively because of poisoning. According to the doctor who handled it, my friend had food poisoning. Luckily he could soon be helped by the medical, until his life could be saved.

2. After eating durian, don't drink beer and coca-cola immediately or don't eat durian while drinking soft drinks. Substances in durian and soft drinks can speed up the heart rate until it can cause a stroke.

3. Don't consume Crab with tea in unison can cause digestive problems. When consuming crab, the stomach fluid will be diluted by the tea. Tea contains a number of tannic acids that have a number of persimmons. This not only interferes with assimilation, but also reduces the strength of the stomach to sterilize.

4. You cannot consume meat combined with vinegar together. meat is food in the form of "hot", while vinegar is "warm". When the two foods are consumed together, they can over-activate power and flow. According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, a book on Chinese herbal medicine, eating goat and vinegar when concurrent will harm the heart.

5. Do not eat Some types of fruit, such as grapes, pomegranates or persimmons, together with seafood, because it can cause nausea and flatulence and pain in the stomach and diarrhea. This is because the fruits contain tannins which when combined with protein can produce substances that are insoluble and cannot be processed by the body. To avoid this, eat the fruits at a distance of about 4 hours after consuming seafood.

6. Do not consume Persimmon and sweet potatoes when the same, because this can cause blockages in the stomach. The sugar in sweet potatoes is fermented in the stomach, which increases stomach acid. If consumed concurrently it will cause stomach problems or peptic ulcers. For those who have acute gastric disease can cause gastric bleeding.
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