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Reported by a woman recovering from ovarian cancer. The story was very touching

Some of the benefits of the deer horn nails apparently are very good for the health of the female reproductive organs, namely to fertilize the womb, as an external medicine for inflammation of the uterus, and irregular menstrual medicine. Now, here is another one to add the amazing benefits of the plant based on sharing personal experiences from Ms. Manik Indraprasti. He first suffered from ovarian cancer and successfully recovered thoroughly after trying herbal treatments using deer antlers nails (deer cymbal).

I cannot help with the material at this time, but I have one of the natural prescription medicines that you can try. This recipe is for cancer drugs. The results of my personal experience are now fully recovered from ovarian cancer.

If you know: 
- Take a sprig of a deer antlers or commonly called a deer simbar (one big stalk).
- Clean the leaves by brush and then washed (no need to use soap).
- Dry until very dry
- Then cut it into small pieces. (The final shape is similar to tea leaves generally)
- Take the dried leaves a pinch (like we take salt for cooking),
- Then brew with a glass of hot water in the middle size (250ml).
- Let it cool down and drink.
- One time taking can be for 2 times a drink.

My experience, at the time of ova cancer ovarian I still thought it was early, I drank the herb deer antlers nails only 2 times a day, morning and evening. But the fact is because of my weak condition, the tumor grew so fast that in the end I was sentenced to have surgery as soon as possible.

Fortunately, I am still given the opportunity to wait 2 days for surgery while always operating. As long as I wait, I drink the potion as often as possible only (more than 4 glasses a day). Two days ago during an ultrasound surgery before, some doctors were confused, because in the end it was clean !! Likewise when the control is done in the slightest unknown bulge. then I didn't get surgery but I always had surgery. for the next 4 days, and I always had to take drugs that stop the production of the hormone estrogen. And until now I no longer feel the pain associated with cancer.
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