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Start Now Stop Using the Headset, !! If Your Brain Doesn't Want to Be Damaged

Hearing is the gift of the senses that God gets to us so that we can listen to the various tones that are on the face of the earth.
We should be grateful for such a thing because if one of the senses does not act well, the body will experience a decrease in strength.
One of the senses that plays a vital role for the human body is the ear.
Many young people have a routine of listening to their favorite music from a mobile device, PSP, MP3 or MP4 player with the latest mobile headset connector.

Indeed, if we use this headset, it tends to be more practical and better in terms of the sound produced.
There is no headset, the sound produced can be a little broken because it is not interrupted immediately in the ear with the speaker.
The use of a headset to listen to music in a way that is too excessive can cause damage to the ear.
Even worse, if something like that is always left behind, so the potential for brain damage can also be added.
Then what are the potential diseases that can be caused by using this headset or earphones?
Read the explanation below.

1. Permanent Ear Damage 
Damage to the ear can run because of the use of a headset in a way that is continuous.
That kind of thing is because of the loud sound of music coming from the earphones they have.
Beyond that, the frequency of use that is too long can also cause permanent ear damage such as rupture of the eardrum that can reduce our hearing and even can also cause deafness.

2. Hearing Loss at a Young Age 
Many young people enjoy their music with their headsets or

3. their earphones to the maximum volume. 
If that sort of thing is handled starting from a young age, so the potential for early hearing loss will run faster.
It is better to give a pause so that our ears can have a habit of returning to the default state.
If not, ear strain due to loud music always goes on until it can cause permanent ear damage.

4. Hearing Threshold for Use 
excessive headset or earphones can also affect our hearing threshold.
If in public we can hear one thing from a considerable distance, but with changing amabng hearing, so we can only hear sounds clearly when the distance is close enough.

It is realized that such a thing can cause brain damage due to radiation from the headset or earphones. This sort of thing was proven by experiments on mice and plants.
The rat brain is affected by the radiation waves that cause damage to the rat brain.

Centered on the plant, slowly withers due to exposure to loud music that blows throughout such a day.
Another with the treatment obtained by playing soft music.
Plants will grow faster because there is positive stimulation from soft music.

5. Ear infections 
The use of Earphone in Ear Monitor (IEM) has a high likelihood of getting the ear infected.
Such a thing is due to the mechanism of using earphones that enter the ear cavity.
If the earphones used are not clean, so the potential for inflammation in the ear cavity is greater.

Indeed, the use of IEM is so comfortable and makes the sound produced by the earphones sound so bright.
Even some types of IEM that are really soundproof.
It's good that you don't lend your IEM to other people.
It is feared that bacteria in the ear will also move to your earphones.
If you have an infection, your ears will itch, and can reduce your hearing.

The five dangers above hopefully can remind some readers to be more vigilant in using headsets or earphones.
With that we still can still enjoy the gift of God that is irreplaceable.
Hopefully this is useful.
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