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These Foods Are Very Delicious, But These Foods Can Kill

These Foods Are Very Delicious, But These Foods Can Kill
THEBOEGIS.COM - Cancer is one of the diseases that has the most feared risk in the world, but it is difficult to recover from cancer and also has the potential to cause death. Cancer is a collection of diseases that involve some cells in the body that grow out of control. The following abnormal and unresolved cell changes that have the potential to attack and spread to all other sides of the body.

There are more than 200 types of cancer that are not the same. Cancer causes death every year. Millions of people are diagnosed with various types of cancer such as colon, mouth and so on.

Some of the signals and signs of cancer that you need to know for one of them is the appearance of a bulge in the body, abnormal bleeding, sudden changes in bowel movements, weight loss is not due to certain, often fever and infection, easy fatigue, shortness of breath, loss appetite and so on, if you experience the above signs, it's best to take them to the doctor. The sign signals above can also work because of other problems.
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