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7 Tips on how to keep your kidneys healthy

There is a saying that says "Health is not everything, but all without health is nothing." That saying is indeed true. When health is disturbed, so busyness is also disturbed.

Kidney is one of the main organs in the body. We should protect the health of the kidneys properly so that the benefits of the kidneys remain excellent.

The kidneys play a role as excretion, ie metabolic waste, protects body fluid and electrolyte balance and makes hormones for blood pressure and red blood cell formation. Therefore maintaining kidney health is so v1t4l that cannot be underestimated.

Even the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Health, has tried to raise awareness about the main kidney organs and reduce the incidence of kidney disease.

People are desirable to know the risks caused by critical kidney disease, increase awareness of early detection of critical kidney disease, perform preventive behavior in critical kidney disease and increase the role of health workers in early detection and reduction of risk aspects.

Below are some tips for maintaining a kidney.

7 Ways to Maintain Kidney To Stay Healthy

1. Inadequate fluid requirements by drinking water. 
In one day 2 liters of water or 8 cups. For more pregnant and breastfeeding women, that's more.

2. Regular exercise or physical activity. 
Will maintain ideal body weight until blood pressure becomes normal.

3. Be careful with herbal supplements with k1m14 ingredients. 
High amino acid content can aggravate kidney work, so reduce supplements that contain it. Just take supplements that are in accordance with the conditions of use or ask your doctor first.

4. Consume fiber. 
By multiply eating fruits and vegetables and stay away from fatty foods.

5. Stop smoking. 
Smoking has 4000 toxic substances that can be dangerous to health and can damage blood vessels to cause hypertension.

6. Do not consume excessive pain medication. 
In a long period of time will be able to damage the kidneys. It is best to ask your doctor first.

7. Monitor the kidneys periodically. 
High blood pressure will interfere with the benefits of the kidneys and have the risk of causing critical kidney disease. From that, as much as possible stay away from hypertension and diabetes by doing thorough by periodic blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight, waist circumference and cholesterol.

Don't wait anymore when signs appear. Diabetes will cause kidney damage and usually if it has been so many will have been severe.

Well, that's some tips that can be applied so that all families can be separated from kidney disease. Although medicine is always evolving and providing a way out of treatment, but certainly the costs are not yet definitely affordable for all, including the lower middle class. 
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