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Eating Chinese Petai Can Cure Deadly Diseases

Are you familiar with Chinese banana plants? Yups, Chinese petai (Leucaena leucocephala) is a plant that has a hard tree trunk and has a size not large.
Wikipedia is taken from Chinese Petai or can be referred to as lamtoro is a plant that comes from Mexico and Central America. This plant is so easy to grow until now it has spread to various sides of the world.

Chinese cacao by some farmers in rural areas is often planted as a hedge, green manure and all. Chinese petai is fitting to live in the lowlands to an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level.

Chinese petai in Indonesia almost disappeared after being attacked by planthopper pests. Breeding except the spread of old seeds can also be done by stem cuttings.

This Chinese Petai is quite interesting for us to recognize its health benefits. Generally, we know that the banana has a large size, but for the Chinese skis tend to be smaller.
Even though it is not the same as far as the matter of its efficacy to the health of Chinese petai, it is also not lost.

What are the benefits? 
As taken by my leaf. com Chinese banana has a neutral character and tastes a little bitter, and a little sweet. In one research mentioned that in China petai very much the substance of both the neutral or calcium with a high enough content that is needed by the body.

Until Chinese petai is widely used for various traditional medicines. Usually the side that is used from the Chinese banana plant is the leaves and fruit.
The content of substances in Chinese petai plants include protein, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, iron, fat, carbohydrates, phosphorus, calcium, power.

Of the content that is in the Chinese petai plant, so this Chinese petai has tremendous benefits for body health including dealing with dysentery, reducing blood sugar content, healthy skin, killing worms in the body, avoiding cancer and diabetes.

Is it true that Chinese Petai can be used to treat diabetes? 
Chinese petai can also be a good traditional medicine for diseases that include having a high risk one of which is diabetes.

Basically this diabetes occurs because the sugar content in the blood is quite high. Diabetes is so difficult in the treatment system.
Chinese petai can be a way to help reduce blood sugar levels to reduce diabetes. This Chinese petai can normalize the benefits of the pancreas which produces the hormone insulin.

The hormone insulin itself is a hormone that has the benefit of normalizing blood sugar content.

How to make: fried without oil and finely ground (made in powder). Then take 1 spoonful and brew it with hot water (like making coffee).

How to use it 1 drink one day 1 cup and do it regularly. 
Chinese Petai To Avoid Cancer? In fact it can. 

Free radicals are the most common cause of cancer. This free radical is a substance that attacks the body due to unhealthy environmental aspects, air pollution or food.

Radicals that attack the body longer will cause various cancers. Therefore need anti-oxidants to prevent free radicals that attack the body.

Chinese cacao in fact can be a good anti-oxidant to prevent free radical attacks that attack the body. How to use it so easily can be consumed immediately or if you do not like it can be made of vegetables combined with other ingredients.
Eat Chinese Petai on a regular basis so that you will be free of cancer.

Chinese Petai To Eradicate Worms 
Generally this one problem can strike anyone from infants, children, adults and even parents.

These intestinal worms make the patient usually has a thin body because the essence of food that enters the body is absorbed by the worm.

To deal with the problem of intestinal worms, Chinese petai is a powerful traditional medicine. There are 2 ways to handle intestinal worms using Chinese banana.

Finely crush the dried lantoro seeds as needed. Then the Chinese petai powder is brewed with hot water and after drinking it warm.

Eat Chinese bananas that are still raw in a regular way. This will kill the worms in the body and remove them.
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