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Women Need to Know! This is a traditional medicine that can eradicate cysts without surgery

Do you already know the meaning of cysts, and how to treat them?
Cystitis is also a deadly disease and is one of the most common diseases that affects women.

Because, the disease attacks the female reproductive organs, which are cystic and contain thick liquids, then this fluid can switch like pus, air or some other material.

This disease is indeed common, most commonly found in women who approach menopause and postmenopausal.

Ovarian Cyst 
However scary, you, especially women do not need to worry. Because every disease has a cure. 
Taken my midwife. com, cysts or tumors can occur in women as well as disrupt the reproductive organs. Usually, a woman's uterus has two organs that are left and right beside the ovary. Ovaries have benefits as a release of eggs and female hormones.

The hormones produced are estrogen and progesterone which play a role in regulating the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Beyond that the hormone regulates body shape, breasts and hair.

Ovarian cysts have sacs containing fluid in the reproductive organs namely the ovaries, cervix and uterus. Although cysts are degenerative or hereditary.

But for you who have a natural cyst and don't get a family story that has a natural cyst, so don't worry. The cause can indeed also be due to abnormal development in the reproductive organs and lifestyle.

Changes in technology have led some experts to use plants that are believed to have ingredients that can slow the development of cysts.

About these plants include: 

1. Crown of Gods 
With the active ingredient in the crown of god in the form of alkoid, polyphenols, saponins which have anti-bacterial function and increase immunity and vitality and there are flavonoids in the form of anti-inflammatory to reduce pain in the swelling.

You can make a concoction of the god's crown as follows: 30 grams of the crown of the god combined with 50 grams of mango meet and 5 grams of dried crown of the god.

You can boil it with 800 cc and leave 400 cc and filter it regularly 2 times a day.

2. Tea Benalu 
The herbs grown in tea trees contain flavonoids, chalcones, flavanones, c-glycoflavonols as well as flavan3-ols which have many benefits to boost immunity, prevent blood clotting, anti-allergy and anti-cancer.

You can process your own concoctions by way of: 60 grams of parasites that live in tea trees combined with 30 grams of pearl grass and boiled with 800cc of water and then distill as much as 200 cc. Do it regularly.

3. Turmeric White 
White turmeric (mango curcuma) has stronger anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits compared to hydrocortisone.
With 10 grams of dried turmeric combined with white paste, dried limes and 10 grams of dried tomatoes and give 30 grams of fresh chicken.

Boiled with 1 liter of water, reserving half of it then remove from heat and strain. This herb can be taken 3 times a day.

4. Pearl grass 
Pearl grass (hedyotis corymbosa) is a wild perennial herb that has one of the benefits of cyst and pelvic inflammation.

Regarding how to make the concoction that is by mixing 30 grams of pearl grass with 5 grams of dried flesh of the crown of God and then boiled with 600 grams until the remaining half and then drink 2 times a day on a regular basis.

5. Sea cucumbers 
In fact, except for herbs that come from plants. Can also use gamat or sea cucumbers (sea cucumber or hoi som) that live on the sea floor.
There are 40 types of gamat that are used for traditional medicine which is widely used in alternative medicine. Gamat type that is often used is the species Stichopus hermanii.

Sea cucumber scientific testing to suppress cysts was carried out at the Facultad de Quimica by Jaime Rodriguez. There are five compounds that can expel tumors or ovarian cysts.

Sea cucumbers can be found in traditional medicines which are packaged in the form of tablets ready for drinking.
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