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It's bad if you don't like catfish

THEBOEGIS - Catfish is one of the most preferred side dishes. But, you must know the benefits of catfish in terms of nutritional content and the right amount for health.

One of the most widely known catfish recipes in Indonesia, catfish pecel. In its presentation, catfish are fried or baked and then equipped with vegetables and chili sauce.

Nutrient content 
Allodist written. Catfish or known as catfish is a type that is widely farmed for consumption needs.
Not only in Asia, this fish can be consumed in African countries, Europe and East America.

Although the quality and taste of catfish from various countries can be different, but this fish is said to have many nutritional contents that are beneficial for body health.
Every 100 grams of catfish has a power content of 229 kilocalories. The protein content of catfish with that amount is around 18 grams, carbohydrates around 8 grams, fiber 0, 7 grams and fat is 13 grams.

Catfish also contain various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, and calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc. Catfish are also rich in vitamin D.

Catfish that are developed by farms, have less chance to contain mercury because they are given special feed. Catfish from livestock are also meant to have a small amount of amino acids 3 but amino acids 6 higher.

Consuming these fatty acids can reduce the risk of specific types of cancer, inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis, reduce blood pressure levels, and even protect mental health.

Although this is so, the research that was carried out opened up, omega-6 acids can change the blood clotting system and are prone to oxidation. Until omega-6 acids increase your risk of blood clots, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancer.

Total Consumption 
Fish is one of the good proteins to support a healthy heart. Despite all this, keep observant serving fish especially to infants, children and pregnant women.

Determine the least amount of mercury, both from the environment and industry.
Excessive mercury in the body can cause harm, such as problems with changes in children, cardiovascular disease, and even memory loss in adults.

To take the benefits of catfish, all the risk squeeze, it's best to limit consumption of catfish. Beyond that, vary the consumption of fish from other types that are rich in nutritional content such as salmon and tuna.

Eating fish is recommended at least 2x in one week. 
The main thing to take advantage of catfish is cooking it in a healthier way. Compared to processing food through frying, catfish are increasingly better grilled or grilled.

Make sure the sauce is low in calories. Catfish nutrition includes consumption of animal protein which is good for the body.

Determine how to process and healthy menus that match your tastes to maximize the benefits of catfish. (*)
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