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Breakfast with fried food while accompanied by a cup of coffee is really very delicious.

But do you know the danger that waits behind that pleasure? 

Yups, in fact eating fried foods while drinking coffee is so dangerous to our health you know.

One study said the negative effects caused by eating fried foods while drinking coffee.

Negative effects resulting from eating fried foods while drinking coffee that can make high blood sugar content in the body that can cause diabetes.

Just by eating fried food our body can make high blood sugar in the body, well coupled with drinking coffee so that the blood sugar will become double

Researchers say that fried foods contain bored fat that makes it difficult for the body to clean sugar from the blood.

Even though it has been through some hours after eating fried food, drinking coffee can give the level of difficulty cleaning sugar.

"This shows that the effects of high-fat foods can run for hours," said Marie-Soleil Beaudoin and Terry Graham, researchers from the University of Guelph, as written by theglobeandmail.

Sugar in the blood for a long period of time can cause some health problems such as diabetes risk, arterial damage, and heart disease.
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