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Benefits of Dewa Leaf for Body Health

The leaves of the god called Gynura segetum belong to the Compositae or Asteraceae plant family. This plant is known by the name of the Chinese Beluntas region, the leaves of God or Samsit.

This plant contains chemicals that have been known, including: saponins, essential oils, flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols, chlorogenic acid, kalfeat acid, vanylic acid and sterols.

The curable diseases and how to use them are as follows:

Seizures in Children
One stem is taken water, mix wine and drink.

Digigt Animals
The tubers are crushed and then taped to the wounded site.

Bleeding in women, breast swelling and vomiting of blood
Complete plants boiled one stem and then drink the water.

Wounded, Not Coming Menstruation
Fresh Tanama 15-30 grams boiled or pounded, taken the water, mixed with heated wine and then drink.

That is the benefit of the leaves of the deity for the health of the body which is very many benefits that we often do not know, but rich in benefits for the health of a variety of natural traditional medicine. Good luck at home and hopefully useful for all.
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