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Benefits of Gandarusa Leaves for Body Health

Gandarusa belongs to the family of Acanthaceae plants. This plant is known by the name of the area of ​​iron - iron, tetean, handarusa or pulleys. This plant is spicy, slightly acidic, neutral, can facilitate circulation, anti-rheumatic.
This plant is rich in a variety of known chemical constituents, including: justicin, essential oils, potassium and slightly toxic alkaloids. This plant is also often used as a drug, especially to treat various diseases as below, and plants are not too well known to many people only in part.

Curable Disease and How to Use it:

Fresh leaves 30-60 g or dry leaves 15-30 g, boiled the water and then reduced 3 times a day.

Bruised, sprained
Gandarusa leaves are smeared with oil, then lay on the apisetelah paste it to the affected part. Fresh leaves 30-60 g, or dry leaves 15-30 g boiled until cooked then the water is drunk.

Broken Bones, Boils
Fresh leaves or dried leaves crushed, mashed stirring with wine, enough vinegar to compress. With a note that the broken bone is in the correct and focused position.

Maybe that's all the benefits of the leaves of willows for body health are very useful for traditional natural treatments for diseases such as the above. Good luck and hopefully useful for everyone.
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