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Benefits of bone fracture efficacy for body health

Bone Fracture (Euphorbia tirucalli) is a type of herb that is usually used as an ornamental plant. Fractured plants that we can utilize as treatment are, roots, stems, twigs and pranks. The efficacy of plants fractures for health quite a lot, for example roots and twigs can cure gastric pain, rheumatism, sore bones, syphilis, hemorrhoids, nasal cavity and nerve pain. While the wood stem can cure some skin diseases, leprosy (Morbus Hansen), the feet and hands of Baal.

The efficacy of fractured plants.

The use of bone fractures as a traditional medicine must follow some processes as well as other herbs such as soursop leaves that also hUntarus are processed first in order to cure the disease.

The following are some ways of using fractured plants to treat diseases:

Shattered skin of thorns or broken glass
Parts of the body or skin that is pierced with thorns or glass we smear with fractured sap, fractured sap can remove thorns or glass by itself.

Mold (clavus) and Kutil

Take 1/2 kg of branches and broken bones. After washing clean boiled with 4 liters of water until the water is reduced to 2 liters. Parts of body or skin that have warts or calluses soaked in water broken bones in warm state for approximately 1/2 hours. After drying apply a param made of trusion that has pounded finely blended egg whites, then wrapped.


  • For those of you who have fractures (fracture) can use several ways, namely:
  • The skin above the bone that is broken with gum fractures.
  • The outer shell is broken, and then wrapped in a broken bone.
  • 3/4 handheld stalks and leaves fractures, 1 handheld srigi leaves, washed then finely ground. Squeeze with 4 teaspoons of salt water, lightly heated. Used to decrease the broken body, then wrapped with lilies/skin leaves. Replaceable 2 x a day
Frambution disease
Prepare 1/2 handheld broken bones, 1/2 Chinese Gadung fist, washed and then we mashed until smooth. Stir with 1 scoop of fruit kendondong and two tablespoons of gum fruit papaya. This herb we use to get sick or decrease skin. Do it twice a day.

Great and itchy mole drugs
Our mole is rubbed with lime juice, then with a cotton mole lubricated with fractured gum. Perform this therapy in the form of a day, when it has been dry repeated. Be careful not to get exposed to the eyes.

Take a few drops of fractured gum with clean cotton, then we are lubricated on the sick and perforated teeth. Do an ino therapy 1-2 times a day, be careful not to get into the healthy teeth.

That is the benefit of fractured leaves for the health of the body that you should know as a traditional natural medicine that efficacious to treat various diseases that interfere with us.
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