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Benefits of leaf leaves for healthy body health

The site (Catharantus roseus) is often also named as a flower, the tread Doro, Chinese hibiscus, rune Nail, copper flower, Tai Lantuan, Rutu-Rutu, bitch, Sindapor, Chinese kemuting, bitch grass, beach. This plant is a little cool, bitter, and toxic.

This herb contains alkaloids on the roots, stems, leaves, and seeds. Anticancer alkaloids include leurosine (VLR), vinblastine (VLB), vincristine (VCR), Catharanthine, Vincadioline, Leurosidine, and Lochnerine. While the alkaloids have hypoglycemic effects (lowering blood sugar levels) are Leurosine, Catharanthine, Lochnerine, Tetrahydroalstonine, Vindoline, and Vindolinine. Active components of vinblastine and Leurocristine (vincristine), alkaloids found in the roots. Other Kimai content are serpentine, ajmalicine, Reserpine, Norharman, Akuammine, Vincamine, Vinleurosin, Vinrosidin.

The contents of active components of vinblastine and Leurocristine (vincristine) make the plant has efficacy and benefits as anticancer in leukemia 1210, leukemia 1534, Ehrlich ascitic liver carcinoma, AKR leukemia, and Carcinoma Walker 256. In addition to the potent treating leukememia, the leaves and flowers are also potentially mngobati Hogkin disease.

This active component also stops the mitosis of cancer cells in metafiise. In addition, this herb is also efficacious as antineoplastic (anticancer), cytostatic, hypotensive (sedative), blood flow, and stop bleeding. However, there are things that need to be considered in consuming this herb, especially for pregnant women are forbidden to consume the ingredients of the Catharantus roseus. Alkoloidnya contains toxins, which can give effects such as vomiting during the period of 24 hours, Loyo, and fever. Other impacts can lead people to age, lose tendon reflexes, neuropathy, coma, and even cause death.

The following are some of the benefits of herbal roseus Catharantus as a traditional natural herb remedy for treating a wide range of ailments, such as cancer medications, leukemia drugs, lymphosarcoma drugs, chorionic epithelioma drugs, medications to lower hypertension or high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, diabetic drugs, hemorrhage due to decreased platelets, cough medicines:

Diabetes mellitus medication

Recipe 1
  1. Virgin 15 GR
  2. Water 500 ml
  3. How to make:
  4. Wash materials until clean. After that boil until boiling, leave until the water remains 200 ml. Chill and strain.
  5. Drink this traditional medicinal herb.
  6. Recipe 2
  7. Materials:
  8. Leaves of the site (Catharanthus roseus) 22 sheets
  9. Clean Water 2 cups
  10. How to make:
  11. Take the leaves of the site for approximately 22 pieces of large size, then wash them thoroughly and boil until boiling. After boiling cool and strain the herb.
  12. Drink water stew 3 x 1 day. Do it routinely to heal.
High blood medication, bleeding due to decreased platelets, Acute Lymphocytic leukemia, cancer drugs, spleen, Lymposarcoma, and Chorionic Epithelioma

  • Virgin 15 GR
  • Water 500 ml
  • How to make:
  • Wash materials until clean. After that boil until boiling, leave until the water remains 200 ml. Chill and then strain.
  • Drink the traditional herbal medicine herb at once.
Dengue fever drug

  • Herbal Tread Dar 15 gr
  • Guava leaves 10 sheets
  • Herbal Centella Asiatica 16 gr
  • Leaves of God 15 gr
  • Clean water 600 ml
  • How to make:
  • Wash the herbs of the site, guava leaves, leaves of gods, herbs to clean. Boil to a boil, let the water stay half. Lift, chill, strain.
  • Drink herb Herbal Medicine 2 x 1 day. Do it routinely until it is cured properly.
Cough Medicines

  • Leaf and Flower tread 50 gr.
  • Clean Water 3 cups.
  • How to make:
  • Wash leaves and flowers until clean. Boil using three glasses of clean water until boiling, leave a few moments, wait until the water stays a glass. After that it was freshly lifted from the fireplace, chill, and strain.
  • Drink herb medicinal herbs when warm-warm nails.
Asthma medication
  • Virgin Root 1 Handheld
  • Water 2-3 Cups
  • How to make:
  • Wash the roots until clean, after that then boil with clean water as much as two to three glasses until boiling. Lift, chill, strain.
  • Drink a traditional herbal remedy a day once, each time you drink one glass.
Well it's a friend about the benefits of the leaves of the site for the health of the body that you need to know as a natural traditional medicine as a natural traditional medicine efficacious to treat various diseases as above so that we always live healthy Natural.
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