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Benefits of fruit Bintaro efficacy for body health

We often see this one plant scattered in the city parks, sidewalk roads, office pages and in the corner of the housing. As a shade plant Canberra Odollam is known as a plant that is known for its durable, fast growing and adaptable to various lands. So not infrequently the service and housing developers chose it as the main choice of green trees.

Bintaro/Kelampan/sea Mango is a coastal plant whose height can reach 12 meters. The leaves are oblong shaped like mango leaf, dark green which is arranged in a clutters. The flowers are fragrant with white petals. The fruit is a round egg with a 5-10cm philosophy, dark red if cooked. Scattered in the Pacific and there are many in the mangrove ecosystem.

But behind his beautiful figure with the seductive fruit saved the potential of deadly poison. Fruit Bintaro contains a very lethal cerberrin poison. Cerberrin is also a strong poison, if swallowed to cause heart rate to stop. In India the poison is used to commit suicide. Dayak and Banjar people use this poison to kill rats, mosquitoes, catching fish and applied on arrows to hunt. Some reports also reveal the smoke from burning leaves and wood twigs can cause toxic effects or poisoning for humans and animals.

Poison Worm Grayak

A study was conducted to test the efficacy/killing power of poisons for insects by the Balai Rawa Agricultural Research (BALITTRA) Banjar Baru-Kalsel. Samples taken are caterpillars Grayak (Spodoptera Litura) that is known to feed the leaves until bare. Caterpillar Grayak deliberately made "guinea pigs" because it includes a very stubborn and stronger type of pesticide than other types of caterpillars. Periset uses 700 caterpillars Grayak as a test material. As comparison used Biopesticide Mimba, Binjai, drum, woven, mahang and synthetic pesticides are active LAMDA sihalotrin.

Researchers extract the leaves with a dilution dose of 1 gram of water. The mustard leaves and spinach are dipped in solution and administered as a grayak caterpillars feed. Caterpillars are divided into 5 treatment groups based on the biopesticides used in the experiments. The results of the research in 2008 showed 24 hours post-consumption of feed dipped in Bintaro solution, as many as 30% of the population of Caterpillar Grayak dead. Mortality rate rises to 90-95% after 60-72 hours of treatment. At treatment with vegetable pesticides only 50%-60% dead population after 72 hours of treatment.

  • Type of biopesticide death observation Larva (%)
  • 24 hours 36 Hours 48 hours 60 hours 72 hours
  • Woven (Lasia Spinosa) 0 10 20 20 30
  • Binjai (Mangifera caesia) 0 20 30 50 60
  • Cipering (Physalis Angulata) 0 20 30 50 50
  • Mahang (Macaranga Sp) 0 20 30 50 60
  • Bintaro (Canberra Odollam) 30 50 80 90 95
  • Control without treatment 0 0 0 0 0
  • Insecticide Control 100 100 100 100 100
Rat repellers

Apart from being potent as biopestida, Bintaro/agility is reliable as an alternative to repel mice. This one rodent does often make a headache for farmers and irritated housewives whose furniture is destroyed by the damaged Rattus-Rattus. There are interesting tips given by the mother Yuyu from Ciampea Bogor Barat java. He used the young Bintaro fruit obtained from the park around his house. The way is easy, young Bintaro fruit is placed just in the corner of the house, the attic, the kitchen. Miraculous result of rats no longer want to enter in his home.

This incident makes sense. Research by Hien TT of the Faculty of Physiology, Tolouse France and Dr. Suryo Wiyono from the clinic of plants IPB reported Cerberin compound in Bintaro poisoned and damaging the central nervous rat brain. Automatic rats with a smell sensitive to poison cerberin will be ngacir before entering our house.

How to make Biopestida Bintaro

In addition to the young material obtained, the way of making Biopestida Bintaro is also very easy by extraction (ethanol and water)

Way 1:
  1. Prepare 1 kg of fresh Bintaro leaves, soak 2 days in ethanol or acetone solution
  2. Strain the extract to separate the liquid with leaves
  3. Darken the extract fluid until concentrated.
  4. For application, dose 1 gram: 1 liter of water. Way by dissolving 1 gram of pasta in 5-10 Cc oil is tween then plus water bit by bit.
  5. Spray 500 liters of solution for 1 hectare of land.
Way 2:
  1. Prepare 50 grams of bintaro leaves and 1 liter of water mixed 2 grams of Colek soap.
  2.  Blender and squeeze to produce concentrated solution.
  3.  Dose consumption 10-20 cc of water.
That is the explanation of the benefits of Bintaro fruit for healthy body that is useful to treat some diseases by means of traditional medicine that you need to know in order to always live healthy natural.
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