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Benefits of Boroco's efficacy for body health

Many Boroco plants grew wildly on the side of the road, the edge of the gutters, deserted land abandoned. Boroco generally grows upright to a height of between 30 – 100 cm. This plant has rounded stems with a rough elongated groove, many branched, green or red colors.

The Boroco plant has a flower shaped with a length of 3 10 cm, a pink/purple color, a rather bright black seed, a flower growing at the ends of the branch. Boroco has the color of the leaf there are green and there are red color, round shape of egg elongated, pointed end, smooth jagged edges almost flat.

Here are the benefits of Boroco including:

Treating Vaginal Discharge
  • Take the Boroco flowers as much as 60 grams, 60 grams of meat
  • Rebuslah all the ingredients earlier
  • Drink the water and eat the flesh
Treating Keratitis
  • Prepare the Boroco seeds as much as 15 grams, chicken liver to taste
  • Rebuslah all the ingredients earlier
  • Consume the results by eating.
Treating hypertension
  • Take 30 grams of boroco beans, 1 glass of water
  • Then prepare the material above until the remaining 1/2 glasses of water
  • Divide into two
  • Drink 2 times
Treating Blood vomiting
  • Prepare fresh boroco flowers as much as 30 – 60 grams, meat to taste
  • Rebuslah all the ingredients into soup
  • Eat the results
Well that's the benefits of Boroco for health which is very useful to treat a variety of diseases that are very detrimental to the body kit in order to always healthy naturally try the steps as above.
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