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Benefits of fruit Badam efficacy for body health

Badam is important for health because of its various ingredients, it can be eaten raw, steamed like peanut or used as a mixture of food such as Kuih and so on. Badam contains 20 times more protein when compared to other cereals. The fat and Karbohidratnya content is high, so it contains high sugar compared to other fruits.

The content of vitamin B in the almond to overcome the vitamin content of the egg, as well as the niacin it exceeds the wheat. Calcium content also resolves the content of the element in milk and its phosphorous content exceeds phosphorus in cheese. Children are very fit to eat because their usefulness can help their enlargement, in addition to building bones and teeth. While to the adults also it can help to nourish the heart.

Reducing cholesterol levels, lowering high blood risk and heart attack
One study conducted at the University of Toronto to over 27 patients who had high cholesterol levels showed an average intake of 74GM (2 handheld) of everyday Almond for a month had managed to lower 9.4% of the cholesterol levels in their body. The LDL (bad cholesterol) ratio/HDL (good cholesterol) was found to decline by 12%. The decrease in this ratio shows the risk of cardiovascular attack.

The folic acid contained in the almond is believed to decrease Homocystein level, which is a type of amino acid that can cause the blood vessels to narrow; With it also reduces the risk of heart disease and high blood. 34.5 GM Almond (handful) contains 99mg of magnesium (24.7% of daily use) as well as 257mg potassium (potassium).
Magnesium plays the role of softening the blood duct and hence the blood flow, oxygen and nutrient in the body goes well. Studies show that magnesium deficiency can not only cause heart attack, but magnesium deficiency after heart attack can cause injury (free radicals) in the heart.
Potassium is essential for nerve and muscle transmission systems. It is very important in controlling blood pressure and heart travel. The health and blood pressure escort is more effective with the smell because of the low sodium content (only 0.3 mg for each of the Almond Cup).

Relieves Diabetes
In a study that has been broadcast in the Journal of Nutrition, Almond has been added to the diet of the 2nd phase of diabetes.
The exam results show a diet with a wedge has lowered glycemic response and insulin response. The group that takes the diet together has shown a decline in dependence on the medicine.

Helps prevent rocks
The study and collection of data on women over 20 years by ' Nurses ' Health Study ' showed women who ate at least 1oz (30gm) of nuts or peanut butter in a week decreased 25% risk of coral reef.

Preventing Osteoporosis
Badam is also said to be preventing osteoporosis. 30gm Almond (25-30 seeds) has the same calcium content as there are from 1/4 cups of milk. Calcium is very useful to prevent osteoporosis.

Pregnant women
Almondnutskandungan folate is high in the almond which is very useful for women who are pregnant. Folate is important to avoid from defects in infants when pregnant.

Well that's the benefit of fruit almond for the health of the body is useful to treat some diseases such as those listed above in a traditional way natural. Hopefully useful for all and happy to try it at home yes.
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