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Purple sweet potato benefits for health and weight loss

Food that can be a beautiful food coloring with the color of this wood has a series of excellent nutrients to support the health of the body including zinc, potassium, magnesium, copper, lysine, vitamins C and E, vitamin B1, minerals, Fat, protein, coarse fibre, and of course karbihydrate sources. With a series of nutrient content contained in purple Yam will make food that is considered not classy this has a very classy benefits later.

In addition, the price is affordable and easy to obtain making anyone will be able to get the benefits of purple yam optimally. Various benefits of purple yam for health and preventing various diseases, starting to prevent mild illness to dangerous diseases because it prevents better than cure. Purple sweet potato that tastes sweet is able to smooth the blood flow because this yam has anthocyanin substance is an anti-oxidant that is able to absorb air pollution, and inhibit blood clotting which makes the flow of blood.

This anthocyanin substance can also function as an anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial and is able to protect liver organs from damage, preventing heart attack, to stroke. Not only that, the benefits of vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta carotene also serve as anti-oxidants that prevent the growth of cancer cells and various cardiovascular diseases. Purple potato contains fiber and coarse fiber and pectin that functioned to facilitate the digestive system so as to avoid the problem of constipation and hemorrhoids.

As an anti-cancer, purple yam is very well consumed because the violet yam has or contains substances selenium and iodine is twenty times higher than other types of yam that serves as an anti-cancer cell. As information that purple Yam has a higher anti-bacterial substance than blueberry varieties. The benefits of purple yam can also be used as a substitute for rice because purple yam is a source of high carbohydrate that is rich in healthy so that the food is highly recommended for people who suffer from diabetes.

The benefits of purple potato can also be used to treat skin beauty to make the appearance is always bright and beautiful. For example, the content of carotenoids in purple potato is effective as an anti-aging or premature anti-aging because this substance will work against free radicals on the body to increase immunity. Not only that, the content of vitamin C that is very high in sweet potato will produce collagen in the body so it plays an active role to maintain skin firmness and not easily wrinkles.

Benefits of Purple Yam:

Anti Cancer
The active ingredient of selenium and iodine is 20 higher than other yam. So, purple Yam can treat or become anti-cancer.

Indeed, asthma can not be treated with total recovery, but at least we treat it so it is not as often as possible relapse. Asthma is usually a compressed nose, and the lungs are difficult to pump air. By using purple potato, you can use it as a treat for asthma.

Gain weight
With sweet taste and complex carbohydrates and vitamins contained in purple Yam can be your weight. In addition, by eating purple potato regularly then the muscles on your body will be formed (with the sense of need exercise too).

Sweet potatoes are very rich in vitamins, and the vitamins contained therein include Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, and Vitamin A.

Indeed, sweet potato taste is a sweetness, but it is very influence for the treatment in patients with dibetes disease. With sweet potato, diabetics can substitute rice or carbohydrate food with sweet potato.

Well that's the explanation of the benefits of purple yam for health that is able to treat various types of diseases and well also make in the daily consumption unconsciously we have prevented the disease that will attack to our body.
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