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Love Extreme food, bat soup spread Corona Virus

Having a large spread of corona (coronavirus) viruses to various countries, there is one news that now appears to the surface. There is a strong suspicion this mysterious new virus comes from wild animals sold at the Huanan Seafood Market, Wuhan, China.

Temporary allegations, wild animals spreading corona viruses are bats or snakes. However, until now there is no formal evidence or explanation from the Chinese government on the matter.

Now, the bat and the snake, it turns out that there is a habit or belief of Chinese people about the wildlife. Some Chinese people are keen to consume wild and exotic animals. The question is, what is the reason? Find out the answer below.

Economic factors to self-identity

The Huanan Seafood market is known as a traditional market selling daily necessities. However, in this market there can also be found something unusual, including live or ready wild animals. Start from the Foxes, bad peacock, camels, ostriches, koalas, wolves, to the hedgehog.

Not only that, the animal seller also offers cutting and delivery services for consumers who want to buy such extreme animals. Well, back to the headline, then what are the reasons why Chinese tend to eat wild animals that are not uncommon to consume?

Believe it or not, it turns out to be related to various factors. From the economy, to the trust of the nutrients contained in the wild animals.

From South China Morning Post, "Why wild animals are a key ingredient in China's coronavirus outbreak", according to independent political economists in Chinese, Hu Xingdou, economic, political, and cultural reasons, is still the reason for Chinese people like to consume Wild and exotic animals.

According to Hu Xingdou, the Chinese saw food as a major necessity in life. Not only that, hunger and big threats have been part of Chinese history. It is the reason for the consumption of wildlife in the country.

China has indeed become a developed and thriving country. The citizens are no longer problematic in terms of food. So, why does the consumption of wild and exotic animals there still continue to last?

Still in the South China Morning Post, consuming meat, organ, or parts of rare animals or plants has become the identity of the part of the people there.
More rich nutrients?

In addition to the factors above, there are also other things that make Chinese still like to consume wildlife. Melansir Mothership Singapore, the cultural beliefs of some Chinese people consider wildlife more nutritious than animals that are specially cultivated for consumption.

Not only that, most Chinese people also see that consuming exotic animals as a social status display. For example, this bowl of soup contains bats called "Fu" (in Mandarin), which means good luck and fortune.

Well, things like this make it easy to find a market that sells wildlife in major Chinese cities. Call it in Guangzhou, Shandong, or Guangdong province. Things to remember, until now the Huanan Seafood market is believed to be a source of Corona virus spread.

Bats and health, what is the relationship?

According to expert explanations at Queensland Government, bats can bring a variety of bacteria and viruses that are harmful to humans. In Australia, there are strict rules on this animal. There, people who are untrained and vaccinated, should not handle bats. The government there appealed, never to help the animal or touch it, when the animal was injured.

So, what are the diseases that can be spread bats? Australian bat Hemorrhagic (ABLV) is one of the viruses that can be transmitted to humans from infected bat drooling. The Virus can be moved when saliva is in contact with the mucous membranes or skin that wounds, through bites, or the bat strokes.

ABLV infections cause diseases, such as rabies in humans, which are usually fatal. In addition, there are several other diseases that may be transmitted by bats. For example, Nipah virus, Hendra virus, Marburg virus, up to, Leptospirosis.

In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in America has also asserted about the relationship between bats and corona viruses. According to experts there, Corona virus is a virus circulating in some animals, including camels, cats, and bats. Actually corona viruses rarely evolve and infect humans and spread to other individuals. However, the case in China is now evidence that this virus can spread from animal to human.

Effective masks prevent Corona Virus, here's how it's usage

Today, the world is being dared by the change of Corona virus. So far, this plague has claimed 82 lives with a total of people contaminated 2,900 in various countries.

The Virus that has not found this cure has spread to approximately 20 countries. However, until now there is no news if the disease has entered Indonesia. In the nearby countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia there are 4 and 3 cases listed in order.

Therefore, it is very important to know how to prevent the spread of corona viruses. One of the things that is highly recommended to do is the use of masks, particularly masks N95. In addition, you should also know how to use it properly so that the virus does not get into the body. Here's the discussion!

How to use masks to prevent Corona viruses

Corona Virus is a disorder that occurs due to infections of the nose, sinus, and upper throat. Generally, this virus does not pose a dangerous thing, but in rare cases it can cause serious impact. The cause of the disease is identified as 2019-nCoV virus.

The only thing you have to know is the spread of the disease in order to prevent its spread. This disorder can spread like influenza. An infected person can spread it if it is coughing or sneezing. In addition, direct and indirect touches are also possible to infect others.

One of the things you must do in order to not easily attack the virus is to use a mask. There are several types of masks that can be used, but what proves to be effective is the N95 mask. You can close the entire respiratory tract from the influx of harmful viruses.

After discussing the importance of using the N95 mask to prevent the virus from attacking, you should also know how to wear it appropriately. That way, the virus will struggle to get into the body because it is covered with masks. Here's how to wear a mask you should know:

Specifying the appropriate size

The use of masks to prevent the corona virus from attacking the first is to determine the appropriate size. The size of the N95 masks range from extra small to large. Make sure you buy it according to the size to fit and not easily loose when worn.

Ensuring breathing conditions

Another thing to be aware of to prevent Corona viruses is to ensure breathing conditions. This mask can make a person harder to breathe. Therefore, you should make sure the type of mask that is worn and the effective way to avoid interference.

Wash your hands before wearing

You have to wash your hands before using the mask to keep the cleanliness clean. Use soap and water, and dry the hand so that the mask is not wet. This prevents accidental contamination from occurring before using a mask.

How to use Masks N95

The first step is to place the mask in one hand and attach it above the mouth and nose with the front in the palm of the hand. Make sure it's right at the nose and mouth, and the bottom should be under the chin. Make sure to just touch the outside and the edges of the mask to keep it clean.

After that, pull the lower and upper straps over the head. The lower strap should be adjusted with the neck and right under the ear. After that, pull the upper strap and place it over the ear. If the mask has a nosepiece, attach it to the bridge portion of your nose.

Now you know about the importance of using the N95 mask to prevent the corona virus from attacking. If you want to buy the masks without having to go out of the house, you can order them through the Halodoc app. It's easy, you just need to download the Halodoc app on the smartphone you use!

Can mask N95 reuse?

The question that many arise is about the reuse of the N95 mask. Can the same mask be used more than once? In fact, it is more advisable to use the mask once in a long period of time, e.g. 6-8 hours.

It is better than unplugging the same mask. Cause, the risk of pollution mask becomes greater due to touch or contact on the respirator. If so, the efficacy of the masks in protecting may also diminish.

In addition, there is no way that can determine the maximum safe reuse limit for this mask in order to prevent Corona virus from attacking. However, the manufacturer of this mask has a specific guide to the use that lies with the wrapper label. Try to read it before using.

3 Recent facts about Corona Virus spread

The phenomenon of Corona's plague virus in China has seized the world's attention. To date, 56 people have been declared dead by the Corona virus. In fact, the virus that attacked the breathing has spread to eight countries including, Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, to the Americas.

To prevent the spread of corona viruses to Indonesia, the government establishes one's standby against this virus. Starting from activating 135 Thermo Scanner (body temperature scanner) at the entrance of Indonesia by land, sea, and air. Then, 100 bird flu referral hospitals for suspected or infected corona viruses have been activated.

To prevent the spread of viruses named other 2019-nCoV, there are a few things to be aware of. Because, viruses that are contagious from human to human can be fatal if not handled appropriately. Here are 3 recent facts about corona viruses that you should know:

Difficult to survive outside the human body

Do you know if the Corona virus has a 100-120 nanometer-sized physical shape and is spherical? This is why the prevention of this virus infection can be effective using masks. With the record, the mask used should have a smaller pore than 100 nanometers.

Corona viruses have a specific host properties, that is, spread from human to human by means of direct transmission through sneezing or coughing. This Virus is unstable when it is in the air and can only last for 3 hours, so that the transmission through the air is less likely. Therefore, the prevention of the spread of this virus is important from oneself.

Attacking the respiratory system

Corona viruses have a difference compared to other viruses. This Virus has the ability to give a fatal impact to its pengidapnya. The hazard level of this virus is also when it enters the lungs. Consequently, it will impair lung function and cause pneumonia, which is inflammation caused by viruses and other microorganisms.

Oxygen exchange becomes difficult so that the patient has a respiratory failure. Quoted from Indonesian Association of Doctors (IDI) The incubation period of this virus is 2-14 days so when someone suspected to be infected with Corona virus, it must be immediately observed and isolated.
Please note, wearing proper masks can also be used as a preventative form of Corona virus transmission. You can buy N95 masks in Halodoc app, faster and precise, even can be delivered directly to the house.

Can appear without symptoms

To date, more research on Corona virus is still ongoing. The earliest symptoms that are mostly perceived are cough, flu, fever, and shortness of breath. However, according to The Lancet Journal, it was written by a group of doctors who conducted research in Hong Kong. People who are affected by Corona virus can be sick without any common symptoms such as previous people with.
It was discovered after the research team had observations on 6 family members traveling to China on 15-16 January. One person of 6 family members did not travel to China and showed no symptoms of corona-virus. However, when the lung examination is seen there is respiratory distress. In fact, it does not experience common symptoms such as fever, flu, or cough.
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