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Benefit of leaf tread benefits Liman for body Health

 Benefit of leaf tread benefits Liman for body Health
Tread Liman (Elephantophus scraber L.) is known as an easy-to-grow plant. In some areas it is often called the Earth's lid, balagstir, hand tread, or Talpak tana. The site of Liman is used as a traditional medicine for some human diseases, in a state of fresh, dry, even extracted and inserted into capsules. The parts used are all plants, either roots, stems, leaves, or whole plants.

 The leaf part is also quite efficacious for inflammatory diseases to hepatitis, but it is also used as an antioxidant as well as antibiotics.

Plant sites Liman grew wild in the field of grass, Pematang, sometimes found in many quantities, contained in the lowlands up to 1,200 m above sea level. Terna yearly, upright, hairy, with large roots, height 10 cm-80 cm, long-haired rigid stem and tightly, branched and grooved.

The single leaf gathers below forming a rosette, furry, jorong leaf shape, round elongated eggs, bent edges and blunt jagged. Leaf length 10 cm-18 cm, Width 3 cm-5 cm. Leaves on branches rare and small, with a length of 3 cm-9 cm, Width 1 cm-3 cm. Flower shape of the hunk, many, purple color. Fruit of Longkah fruit, have white flowers, the shape of the leaves are slightly slippery egg, have the same therapeutic effect, but the efficacy of heat-lowering and anti-inflammation is less potent. More often used in rheumatic and anti-cancer.

The content in the leaf site Liman very useful when made herbal medicine for the body, in the right way and the proper use then the content can be received by the body well, although the site Liman like plant pests, more effective and efficient when the utilization and maintenance is managed properly, if you have a little bit of land in your yard, site Liman seems to be reliable in your vacant land and can be used as a saving herbal remedy for you.

Based on empirical knowledge, traditional communities believe that the leaves of the plant site Liman (Elephantopus scaber) can cure kidney inflammation, inflammation, partuis, and less blood. The leaves of this plant are rich with a variety of known chemical content namely: Epifrielinol, Lupeol, Stiqmasterol, Triacontan-L-ol, Dotriacontan-L-ol, Lupeol Acetat, Deoxyelephantopin, terpenoids, flavonoids and isodeozyelephantopin.

Indirectly this plant is as a pest in the place of an elite, this plant is very much found in the streets – Dipondasi and most often we encounter in football field/tennis courts that are outside/outdoors, this plant is often washed and burned because it is disturbing and very make a gross impression on certain places, really poor crops this one, the community is not fully aware about the benefits and content of this plant, for the traditional herbal/herbal company, This plant is very valuable because actually the content of this plant is remarkable, not worth the place of the growth of this plant is very opposite, the content that serves as a remedy to make it better and valuable for those who already know clearly will benefit the crop site Liman.

Tread Liman is a plant that is easy to grow. It proves that the site of Liman is easy to find in the area – dry areas and slightly humid/wet. Actually this plant has been known in traditional medicine, often used as a heat-lowering, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, decay of art, eliminating swelling, neutralize toxins, as well as overcoming hepatitis and cirrhosis. All parts of the plant can be used as medicine.

Disease money can be cured and how it is used:

To treat inflammations, how to boil the plant of Liman that was previously dried, then boiled using water. The boiled water is filtered and drunk.

Less blood (anemia)
To cure anemia, can use Liman tread leaves that are washed thoroughly. After it was pounded while added boiled water. Kocoklah also a grain of egg yolk mixed with a spoon of honey and mixed. After that it can be drunk once a week.

The way by boiling this plant and drink water from the stew. It will help cure hepatitis disease.

The way is like the above only when boiling mixed with kencur or Temulawak, turmeric, kawak acid, and brown sugar. This will help heal the disease of chickenpox.

Treating painful menstruation
Cut the plant site Liman after it was washed thoroughly. Cut also Temulawak, plus a tablespoon of sour tea, turmeric, temulawak and brown sugar to taste. Boil all the ingredients using 4 cups of water to stay 2 glasses left. Drink the herb half a cup 3 times a day.

Wash and cut one fresh Liman plant, add a quarter of the Meniran, 1/4 handheld sambiloto, turmeric, key Temu, and 3-sheet betel leaf. Rebuslah use 4 glasses of water until 2 glasses are left. Drink half a cup 3 days once.

That's what I can explain about the efficacy of leaf site Liman for healthy body that is able to treat a wide range of diseases as I described above that interfere with the health of our best friends.
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