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Benefits of Adam Eve's leaves for body health

Native Mexican plants of the South, Central America, and the Caribbean, it is easy to breed throughout the year. The seeds spread rapidly with the help of wind.
The nature of the Commelinaceae family of plants is somewhat stubborn, requiring no intensive care. In Indonesia, the Adam Eve plant is often found in the city park or the pot-pot filler on the roadside.
In the condition of minimal media nutrients, plants can still grow well. Even grew epiphytes in terraced buildings.

In Indonesia Adam Eve plant is known to treat cough diseases, either whooping cough, phlegm, or dry cough. In Myanmar, the leaves are used as medicine of dysentery and diarrhea. Mexicans use roasted leaves by means of topical application to overcome fungal infections. As for infusion or brew the leaves are consumed orally used for measles disease. In Chinese medicine, the flower is believed to give the effect of lung cleansing by cleaning the phlegm to cool the blood, and overcoming bleeding and dysentery.

 SAP plant Adam Eve considered toxic. When swallowed can cause irritation to the lips, mouth, throat, and pain in the abdomen. Direct contact with the SAP can cause a sense of heat and itching on the skin and eyes. The affected skin becomes flushed. However, many plants found around the Mayan site in Central America were said to have been used as a cosmetic blush for the Mayan women.

In this study, liquid extracts of fresh-bangkaan leaves are pasteurised and packaged while the dried leaves are inserted into the tea bag and then the two types of extracts are stored. Both types of extracts were given storage treatment with different storage times (0, 3, 6, 9, 12 months) and used the Infusa time or different seeping (2, 5, 8, 10, and 12 minutes).

Fresh and dried extracts have a high antioxidant content with quantities on higher dried extracts. Pasteurized extracts have a higher initial antioxidant content than fresh extracts, and it increases over time. Dried extracts show a constant antioxidant content with storage time.

Diseases that can be cured and how they are used:


  • Flower 20-30 kuntum or leaf 10 strands
  • How to use:
  • The flowers are water and sugar, steamed, and Dirninurn,
Cough blood, dysentery, blood deficiency

  • Fresh or dried flowers 20-30 kuntum
  • How to use:
  • Flowers made soup with meat or bones. Other ways,
  • Boiled flowers for 30 minutes, then drunk.
Swelling, wounds, and bleeding

  • The leaves to taste
  • How to use;
  • The leaves are dlled until crushed, then affixed to the
  • The sick.

  • Leaf 10 strands
  • How to use:
  • The leaves are burned briefly, then wrapped in a thin cloth. Attach the cloth to the diseased part of the joint.
Cough, bronchitis, hard urination

  • The leaves to taste
  • How to use
  • The leaves are boiled, then the water is drunk.
Well that's what I explain about the efficacy of Adam Eve for the health of the body is useful to treat various types of diseases that often interfere with the health of our body Yes companions.
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