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Benefits of Dragon tail leaf efficacy benefit for body health

Benefits of Dragon tail leaf efficacy benefit for body health
The leaf, which has a Latin name Rhaphidophora pinnata (L. f) Schott, is an herb that belongs to the family of Araceae, and is native to the Himalayas, Australia and the Pacific region. In the Java area, ordinary people call it by the name of Jalu Mampang and Sulang, in the area of Bali known as Samblung, and in the area of Sunda known as Lolo munding and Lolo rope.

Dragon tail leaves contain sodium and potassium so that someone who drinks the water decoction of dragon tail leaves will be affected by the effect of frequent urination. This leaf has features such as vines upward and its length can reach up to 15 m. The leaves of this plant are rounded long, berbagi-bagi and Bertoreh, and the tip of the leaf is pointed. The stem of this plant is spherical and grows elongated and wrapped around, and has a hanging root and a sticker root.
Efficacy of dragon tail leaves have long been believed to overcome the disease. Perhaps the name of the Dragon tail leaves is still unfamiliar to you, because each region has a different designation on this herb. Name tail is derived because the leaf shape almost resembles the tail of a giant snake or often called a dragon.

As it is known that the Dragon Tail plant is a plant that grows with a tree height of approximately 5 to 15 meters. The leaves themselves have a long spherical shape and have a fragmentary leaf. Sometimes you will find the number of 7 to 12 rods with the tip of the leaf tapered. The origin of the Dragon-tailed plants originated from the Himalayan region then Australia to the Pacific.

The benefits of Dragon tail leaves can be used by chewing their roots together with lime and betel nut. If you do it regularly, your teeth will be stronger but it will look black for a while. The body grind itself can be used as a damper for a part of a dampening piece. In Singapore itself, dragon Tail leaves have been formulated into a herbal tea as a rheumatic remover, even cancer. In the Philippines, the SAP contained in the trunk is used for the treatment of wound snakebite, and in Vietnam the Dragon tail leaves are utilized as cough medicines, conjunctivitis, and paralysis. People there often use water decoction of dragon tail leaves to cure symptoms in the throat.

So I explained about the benefits of Dragon tail leaves for healthy body that is useful to treat various types of peenthat are very disturbing to our health and we must always be vigilant and always keep the health of the body.
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