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Benefits of Lontar fruits for body health

The fruits or north Shore people are more familiar with the name Ental or Lontar is widely found in mountainous areas and areas adjacent to the sea.
The Siwalan tree, also known as the Lontar tree (Borassus flabellifer), is a type of palm (Pinang-Pinangan) that grows in southeast Asia and South Asia. ... The Siwalan tree (Lontar) is a sturdy and strong palm tree (Palmae and Arecaceae).
Borassus flabellifer fruit is also a fresh fruit and it tastes like a Kaling marami. Usually people prefer to make this fruit as a mixture of fresh drinks. However, do you know if the fruit of the Borassus flabellifer besides having a fresh flavor, it is also believed to have some good content for the health of the body.

Here are the benefits of Lontar fruit:

1. The old fruit section can be used as a skin remedy (dermatitis), a root consisting of young root extracts to launch urine and worm medications. Decoction of Young Roots (decontion) to treat diseases associated with breathing.

2. The Borassus flabellifer flower or Ash Mayang (spadix) can be used for the treatment of lever pain. The bark charcoal stems are used to cure toothache. Decoction of stem bark plus salt, efficacious as an oral cleansing drug.

3. For the young fruit meat that is white glass/transparent is a fruit that has a carbohydrate source in the form of sucrose, glucose and water. Protein and fat levels are very low below 1%, as well as a slight fibre.

4. On one tree the Borassus Flabellifer can produce about six liters Nira. And the Nira is believed to be used as isotonic minuma such as synthetic drinks on the market, even better because it is natural.

5. Borassus Flabellifer or Legen Nira very easily contaminated because it contains complete nutrients such as sugar, protein, fats and minerals are excellent for microbial growth.

6. Legen resulting from the tree of Borassus Flabellifer is believed to help the health of kidney function. There are even some types of legen (depending on the quality of the trees) that can cure the disease impotence and add to semen. But need to be careful in choosing Legen, because, not a few also the sellers of the legen drinks have been able to mix it with other materials that make legen purity is gone.

Well that's the benefit of lontar fruit for health that is useful to treat some diseases that harm our body to look healthy in a traditional way.
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