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Benefits of spinach leaves for body health and drug Anemia

Amaranthus SPP Plant or the more we know by the name Spinach Vegetable is one of the plants that we are easily met and often used by housewives to be consumed daily.

Besides being utilized for vegetable, spinach also turns out to keep a good content for someone's healthy body?? Yes, vegetable plants that are identical with green color are very good for our body health.

The benefits of spinach leaves are as follows:

Preventing Bowel disease 
Fiber content that is in the spinach leaves is beneficial to good for the digestive system "especially the intestinal wall" well what is the connection with cancer content of this fiber??? Fiber content in spinach will remove the carcinogen substances that are sticky in the intestinal wall, this carcinogen substance itself is a substance that results in bowel cancer.

Preventing coronary heart disease
Why can it be beneficial to prevent coronary heart disease?? This is because spinach contains inositol and choline, both of which can prevent coronary heart disease at the time of attacking your body.

Raising blood sugar levels in the body
In spinach does contain a lot of fiber, in addition to good beneficial to prevent cancer, it turns out that this fiber content also works well to help the body in regulating carbohydrate metabolism, so that food entering into the body does not necessarily Only to raise blood sugar levels but also beneficial double.

Helpful Good for eye health
The existence of natural compounds of Lutein that exist in spinach turns out to be useful for those of you who have eye health problems, this content can also prevent your eyes from cataract attacks as well as macular degeneration.
According to a study conducted in the US, by consuming spinach or other types of dark green vegetables that routinely berturut2 week can decrease the risk of macular degeneration up to 43%.

Can help overcome Anemia
The content of iron in spinach is no doubt. Even many health experts believe that the content of spinach iron is more than 2 times more than iron content in other green vegetables.

Well it's the benefit of spinach leaves for healthy body that is useful to treat some diseases as it is written above with traditional natural. Good try it at home and hopefully useful for you.

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