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Benefits of Young Fruit (Gambas) for Body Health

Some people might not know what luffa looks like? Gambas form you can see in the photo beside this. Gambas has many benefits, as vegetable food gambas has a fairly high mineral content, especially ca and mg, luffa can be useful for people with high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition to consumption, it turns out luffa can be used as a raw material for soap. Even soap made from luffa has benefits that can lift dead skin cells.

In America, luffa is cultivated on a large scale. The gambas industry is developing with Japan's main market. Well ... in Japan, luffa is used for health soap. Well, besides the two benefits mentioned above, it turns out luffa seeds can produce cooking oil. Wahh .. with no wonder America has looked at the business opportunities behind this fast and easy fruitful plant.

Not only is efficacious for diabetes, Young can cure several other diseases, such as intestinal inflammation, asthma to increase breast milk (ASI).

The following steps need to be done:
  • For people with intestinal inflammation, it is advisable to take an old-age squash to taste. Cut the puppies to dry and mash until smooth. Every 20 grams of Young powder is brewed with half a glass of water and drink 1-2 times a day.

  • For people with asthma, take young Young along with the stems and make juice. Drink this Young juice 2 times a day regularly.

  • Meanwhile, for strep throat, can consume one young Young fruit in the form of juice and add to it rock sugar or granulated sugar. Drink 2-3 times a day regularly.

  • Young is also efficacious in increasing the volume of breast milk. The trick, Young fruit and seeds are roasted, then finely ground. Brew every 6 grams of Young powder with half a glass of hot water, drink 1-2 times a day.

  • For children who suffer from intestinal worms can be cured by consuming 30 grams of black Young seeds while for adults 40-50 grams. Young finely ground, brew the seeds of Young seeds with enough hot water, drink once a day.

  • Patients with inflammation of the ear glands can also use Young as an alternative medicine. The trick, Take 500 grams of Young cut into small pieces and mix with bitter leaves as much as 50 pieces. boil the two ingredients with 2 liters of water, leave until the remaining boiled water is 500 cc, and drink 2-3 times a day.

  • To improve blood circulation, take 205 grams of rubbish and 20 grams of black ear mushrooms, cook according to taste and the food is efficacious for blood circulation.
That's the benefits of luffa fruit for bodily health which is very useful for treating several diseases such as the above in order to stay healthy always in the traditional traditional way.
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