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Understanding Torrent and BitTorrent with how it works (full discussion)

The word "download via torrent" is certainly often encountered when it comes to downloading a file that generally has a large size. Many of you may be confused when trying to download a file using a torrent, if you do not know at all what and how it works from this torrent.

When you click the Download button, the downloaded file is just a small file with a. torrent extension, you are certainly confused as the file is very much different from the file you want to download.

Therefore, it is a good idea to listen to the following explanation about the definition of torrent and BitTorrent, how it works, and what are the advantages over the ordinary download so that you will no longer be confused when faced with issues that Same.

Definition of Torrent
The word Torrent here actually refers to computer files that have a. Torrent extension. The file generally has a small size, because the torrent file does not contain the files you are going to download, but only contains the information about the files you are going to download. The information is tracker information, filename, file size, folder structure, as well as other information needed to start the download.

To start downloading from a torrent it takes a special downloader application that supports the Bittorrent protocol called the Bittorrent client, for example Utorrent or Qbittorrrent. Once you install the application, the. torrent extension will automatically be listed on your system, so if you want to start downloading simply by double-clicking the torrent file.

Definition of Bittorrent
Bittorrent is a peer-to-peer communication protocol which is commonly used to divide a large file such as movies, TV series, games or apps. Unlike the download method in general, Bittorent uses small internet bandwidth but at a maximum speed. This is because Bittorrent divides the files that you will download into several small pieces, to understand how the work of Bittorrent will be discussed at the next point.

Bittorrent was first created by a programmer Bram Cohen in 2001, he previously worked in one company called MojoNation, which is a company engaged in the open source peer-to-peer sharing system used To share digital content using low bandwidth.

Bittorrent is different from a peer-to-peer network system in general, where on the network of peer-to-peer files you download from only one computer, which is when the computer is off then automatically your download will fail. Unlike BitTorrent that uses a tracker to guide you to the location of the file you are going to download.

How Torrent and Bittorrent work
As previously mentioned that the files in Bittorrent are broken down into several small parts which are then called pieces. A central server called a tracker will redirect you to a computer that has all the pieces of the file complete, the computer is then called as Seeder. Tracker then instructs Seeder to divide the files that he has downloaded to your computer, your computer in this case is called as Leecher.

Not only that, the tracker also allows you to exchange pieces with someone who is downloading the process as well, so that you can receive various pieces continuously. Once your download is complete then your status will change from the Leecher to Seeder, so you can share the file with the other leechers who need it.

Downloading files (fragmentary) is simultaneously capable of addressing common problems in peer-to-peer methods, where generally the upload speed of a peer is slower than the download speed. It certainly has a big impact on the speed of data transfer done.

Different Download Torrent with ordinary Download
Have you ever downloaded a large file from a website and it can take up to days to complete, because the file server is very slow. Moreover, when many people also download the file at the same time.

This is what differentiator between regular downloads by downloading using torrents. If the usual download, you download files from one server only, then by using Bittorrent you can download files from various sources throughout the Internet. The download speed of Bittorrent will be faster when more and more people are involved in the network.

The second thing that is a differentiator is when you download a file from a website, on the usual download you click the Download button then the file you want will be downloaded, different from the torrent. When you click the Download button, you will only get a torrent file with a. torrent extension, not the file you want to download.

This torrent file will then lead you to the actual download file, which is obtained from those who have successfully downloaded it or even who are in the process of downloading it. This Torrent file is very important, because without it you can't start the download.

Many people are questioning about the legality of Bittorrent usage, most people have negative views because some people use this Bittorrent to divide pirated files. There are also some people who use this Bittorrent to install a trap which instructs you to get to a site that has malware installed.

But that's not the core of Bittorrent, the real essence of Bittorrent is how we can share the same needs in a fast and easy way. So what about your views on Bittorrent?
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