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How to create a free SSH account easily? Here's the steps!

This article I will explain about how to create a free SSH account without having to pay a penny. Before that, already did you know what is SSH?

Secure Shell or people more commonly refer to it as SSH is a network protocol that allows one to perform data exchanges over a secure network. Usually this SSH account is used by the quota as I used to internetan free with a pretty fast speed.

How to create a free SSH account

Exchanging data using SSH is very secure as all the by data will be encrypted so it is safe from viruses or malware. Steps to create a free SSH account easily and not Ribet:

1. Create a free SSH account at

1. First of all visit the site Then on the main page, choose which country you want. Here I want to create an SSH account located in Singapore, so select Select in Asia.

2. Then select Select in Singapore.

3. There are many server options that you can use, there are more or less 50 servers. Choose the one that suits your needs. For example, I chose an SSH MCT server with a dropbear port: 443. Make sure in column ACC Remaining still available slots for (green box) to create an account, if there is a post FULL (red box), then you do not create an SSH account on the server.

4. Next fill in the Username and password fields as you like. Don't forget to check the captcha I'm not a robot. If you have trouble verifying captcha, select Login with FB to Remoce Captcha. Then select Create Account.

5. Wait a few seconds and your SSH account has been successfully created and ready to use. Please note the information about your SSH account (which I have marked the red box) or you can copy the Pastap in the Notepad. Please note yes that the active period of this SSH account is only 3 days, after 3 days the account is not usable.

2. Create a free SSH account at

1. First of all visit the site for free SSH account creation. Click this link for an SSH account with a duration of 7 days While this link is for a 30-day duration. Here I chose the 7 days, because I rarely use SSH account.

2. Choose a location server to your liking. Here I chose SSH SERVER ASIA by clicking SELECT.

3. Select the desired country option, for example Singapore.

4. Choose what server you want, here I choose SSH Server Singapore 1. Next Click SELECT.

5. Enter the username and password for your SSH account. For example, like the picture below, click on Create Account.

6. Lastly record your SSH account details which include your username, password, IP host, created on what date to your SSH account's expired date.

That's how to create an SSH account easily and for free. The name of the free account must be a drawback, one of them in terms of speed.

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