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Artificial Intelligence in Technology Will Increase Unemployment?

Many people worry that increasing the use of robots in our daily lives will only increase the amount of unemployment. Many advantages possessed by robots, for example, can work without stopping, never complaining or asking for salary.

An example of using robots that have taken over thousands of human jobs is in the car industry. When we go to a modern car factory, most of the work is done by robots, from printing parts of car bodies, welding and assembling to painting cars.

All of that work was done by humans, but robots can do it more quickly and efficiently.

There are obviously workers or laborers affected by this automation. But This is not the first, and certainly not the last. Still remember the telephone system in the 1950s? When It is to call someone, the owner of the telephone at home picks up the receiver and he will be connected to the operator at the telephone office. This will connect your telephone to the telephone number requested.

Since then telephone technology has continued to advance, starting with a rotary telephone system, where users have dialed the dial on phones equipped from zero to nine. Then go one step further with the push button telephone, which greatly speeds up the connection, without the assistance of the operator, and now almost everyone has a smart phone, which is not wired and can work automatically with the owner's voice command.

That is just automation, but now more and more used what is called artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence in making robots.

Artificial intelligence is the opposite of human intelligence, meaning that humans can do things using the brain and hands. Robots equipped with artificial intelligence are computer-driven robots that have software that can analyze their environment using a number of formulas or regulations, and act when they ensure that all the rules are met.

Robots like this can also be equipped with machine learning software so that he can make decisions based on parameters or information contained in his computer.

For Many people, robots who have artificial intelligence often remind stories in science fiction where the computer or robot they command has been so advanced and can even defeat human ability.

Artificial intelligence that is currently popular is the technology used to make self-driving cars, which are cars that can drive themselves, after the user gives instructions to the computer. For example,  "Take Me to the Sarinah shop on Jalan Thamrin. " The computer in the car will check the database and find the store in question.

Self-driving cars have begun to be widely used in America and Europe, although still in a limited area. In the state of California, a transport company has operated a large freight truck to transport goods from the factory to the store or to the base of the agent who ordered it.
These big trucks, according to the makers, are safer than trucks run by humans. Its Artificial Intelligence can choose the right path, can pass slower up vehicles and will reduce speed or stop the vehicle according to road conditions.
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