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Know the characteristics of Firewall and its artist in computer network

Have you ever heard the term firewall? What kind of firewall character do you know? A Firewall is a combination of hardware and software.

Firewalls are useful for splitting a computer network into two or more parts so that the data contained therein remains safe. There is also a defining firewall as a security system that is on a network that is useful to protect the computer from various outside attacks that can come at any time.

Another use of firewalls is to restrict or control the person who is about to enter and access the data contained within a computer network. The Firewall also refers to a communication organizer that is performed by two networks that have the same character or type. Firewalls have their own features or characteristics. Then what kind of firewall characteristics? Here's the answer for you.

Firewall characteristics

Actually the characteristics of a firewall can be divided into two. The former is named as a personal firewall, and the second is named as a network firewall. Below we have presented important information about the two features or characteristics of the firewall.

1. Personal Firewall
A Personal firewall is a firewall that is utilized by individual or individuals who are utilized to protect their computer from various outside attacks that can attack and retrieve data.

Usually this firewall will be in the form of software or software that was previously bundled in the operating system. In addition, this firewall can also be an application that must be installed first before the user installed it to be used as a fortress.

Some of the benefits gained from the use of personal firewalls are that users can avoid spamming, spyware, or viruses that can enter anytime on the computer without our knowledge.

2. Network Firewall

As the name suggests, network firewall is a security that is used in a computer network. There are a wide range of network firewalls that are currently circulating out there. Some examples of the famous network firewalls include: ISA Server, IP Tables, Cisco ASA, Cisco PIX, and so on. All of these types of network firewalls basically have one of the same functions, which is to protect a computer network from various cyber crimes that can anytime go in and steal important data.

In addition to the firewall characteristics we already mentioned above. There are actually some characteristics of a firewall that you should also know so that you will understand the security system of this one.
  • Firewalls must be very resilient to various attacks coming from the outside. Therefore, the operating system that is used will be safer and also we do not have to worry about data or important information that is on the computer or laptop will be stolen.
  • Firewalls will create activities or activities that are already registered on the network. That is, there is a limitation on some activities that are potentially harmful to computer systems. The way to do this is to set the policy section in the configuration.
  • All activities undertaken which the activity is felt from the inside or outside the firewall must be passed first. That way, firewalls can restrict or even block against potentially harmful access to the network.
Firewall function
  • Firewalls are used to control or monitor existing data packets on the network. Later the firewall will perform surveillance and settings against the data packets and then filter them.
  • Used to check data packets through a private network.
  • Used to check against access whether suspicious or not.
Artistic Firewall
1. Dual-homed Host
The first firewall architecture is named as a dual-homed host architecture. That is, the architecture of this one must be at least 2 network interfaces.

To enable this architecture, the router that is in the computer network must be disabled first. In addition, later computer systems can communicate with dual-homed hosts as well as systems that are outside the firewall. However, these two systems can not do direct communication.

2. Screened Host
The second firewall architecture is named as screened host architecture. The function of the architecture of this one is to provide services originating from the host network to be then given to the local network or internally by using a router that is set apart. How to do security by using screened host is to utilize packet filtering.

Thus, any system originating from outside or external to access the system within or internally before you must ask permission first and must be directly connected to the bastion host. The Bastion host is the host used if the user wants to obtain a higher level of security. The Bastion host is located in the internal network.

3. Screened Subnet
The screened subnet architecture is the architecture of a firewall that we will also discuss. The function is to add a safety layer in addition to the screened host. How? The trick is to add a network of parameters to make it easier to isolate on the internal network.

This parimeter network will then isolate the bastion host thus making it indirectly in contact with the internal network. This type of architecture is also famous for the simplest because it has only two screening routers that all have been connected to the parameters network. The first router position is between the internal network and the parameters chain. While the second router is located between the external network or that is also named with the Internet and a network of parameters.

That is the explanation of the characteristics of firewalls and its architecture in the network that needs to be known. Hopefully useful and easy to understand!
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