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US Attorney General: US Must "Help" Ericsson, Nokia to Compete with Huawei

Citing China as America's biggest threat, the US Attorney General said on Thursday (6/2) that America should consider using its  "financial strength " to help Finnish companies  "Nokia " and  "Ericsson " from Sweden to counter Huawei's dominance in the generation of 5G communication technology. .

In A statement Stressing the extent of America's willingness to fight Huawei, Barr said at a CSIS conference on Chinese economic espionage that there were plans to deal with the issue,  "With the US helping Nokia and or Ericsson. "

Barr said China had risen as a  "top geopolitical challenger " and added:  "China has stolen a start and now leads in 5G... They have captured 40 percent of the market and are now aggressively trying to increase its market share.  "

US government investment in public companies is rare except in the case of bailouts to save companies or firms failing, and such investments in foreign companies are even rarer.

The US government put Huawei on the economic blacklist last year, calling the Chinese company involved in activities contrary to American national security. As a result Huawei was not given access to 5G networks in America and accused Huawei equipment could have been used by Beijing to spy on it, which the Chinese company repeatedly denied.
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