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US Senator Proposes Government Employees Are Prohibited To Use TikTok

A Senator, USA, Wednesday (4/3), proposed a legislation that would prohibit government employees from using the TikTok social media application on government-owned equipment.

Josh Hawley said at a hearing in Congress, data collected by the Chinese application, and possibly being used by the Chinese government, posed a great risk to the security of the American people.

He said similar restrictions had been imposed on several major federal agencies, including the Department of Defense and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Hawley did not say when he would introduce the bill.

This effort is the latest security oversight for TikTok, which allows its users to post and watch short videos.

TikTok itself has denied the possibility that the data collected by the application will be used by the Chinese government. The company said data from users of the application in the US would be stored in the US, and not be part of Chinese government jurisdiction.

The company said it understood the concern, but he said the accusations were baseless. The company executives have tried to contact US legislators in an effort to explain the company's policies. 
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