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Want To Know More About Corona Virus? Asked Promobot

Times Square Visitors interact with the Promobot robot who informs the public about the symptoms of the corona virus and how to prevent it from spreading, in New York, February 10, 2020. (Photo: Reuters)

Worried about the Corona virus outbreak? Promobot, a 1.5-meter robot, might have an answer for you.

Friendly-faced robot was launched in Times Square, New York City, on Monday (02/10/2020), to help provide information about the New virus.

The curious pedestrians stopped and filled out a short questionnaire on a device like an iPad with a touch screen. The device is mounted on the robot's chest. The visitors can even talk with the machine.

Promobot was created by a Philadelphia-based startup that makes self-service robots for businesses. The Company is operated by a group of fist.

 "We made special software to detect the symptoms of the corona virus, " Oleg Kivorkutsev, the company's business head, told Reuters.

 "We Understand how important this problem is, how anxious people are, people are afraid of this. But if they understand a few simple things, for example, what are the symptoms of the corona virus, and what should they do to prevent it, everything will be fine and everyone will be happy. "

The robot cannot detect viruses. He asked if someone had symptoms such as fever and the person had to press the  "Yes " or  "no " button on the touch screen. They will then receive a calming message if they choose  "No. "

 "This thing is very smart. Very, very smart,  "said Tara Healy, a tourist from London who was visiting New York.

Other visitors were not impressed.  "It's a bit crazy," said Thomas McAlinden from Scotland.
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