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The Most Effective Causes and Ways to Lose Weight

Weight loss is a disease that often everyone complains about because it really disturbs someone's appearance to become insecure because he has a fat body. Body weight can attack everyone, even from babies who are already overweight because of hereditary factors usually and make the child fat from the age of toddler and to adulthood will also be fat and even increase with age. So from that I will explain how to lose weight that has been proven successful so that our weight is reduced as below, hopefully you can do it at home and good luck, friend.

Having excess body weight is the thing that most people don't want, generally everyone wants to have an ideal body. but of course there are still many people there, maybe those of you who are reading this article are having a problem with a weight that doesn't go down, so it makes you quite frustrated thinking about this. there are several ways to lose weight fast naturally that you can practice yourself at home. These methods are not only effective enough to lose weight but are also very safe compared to using drugs to lose weight by consuming drugs. then what are the natural methods? yuk, read the full review.

Maybe you have done various ways to lose weight quickly naturally, but until now they have not had satisfactory results. actually in practice using the natural way if you do it seriously and painstakingly, the results will quickly appear. most people who want to lose weight are usually impatient and prefer instant methods such as liposuction. well, for those of you both women and men who want to lose weight without having to pay a fortune.

How to lose weight :

To lose weight permanently can be done by changing diet and exercise. Exercising regularly will give you a change in body shape as you lose fat. Exercising such as push ups, jogging, badminton, and so on. The accumulation of fat in the body is not only due to food but also because the body is lazy to move so that fat accumulates.

Healthy diet
Follow a healthy diet by changing your diet and choosing low-fat foods, eating boiled foods and eating fresh fruits diligently.

Get enough sleep
obesity comes not only from food but also from lack of sleep. People who are sleep deprived weigh more than people who get enough sleep. Generally people should sleep 8 hours a day.

Reduce stress
stress and a bad heart condition will increase appetite which will impact on weight gain. A healthy mindset will greatly support the success of a healthy diet when doing a diet program

Consume spices
Indonesia is rich in spices. There are so many spices that can increase the body's metabolism and lose weight. These spices include ginger, ginseng, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, and cumin.

Do a massage
do massage for the body parts that contain lots of fat to release fat that is under the skin. Massage is also able to increase the body's metabolism and blood circulation which will remove toxins and contribute to weight loss.

Reducing food portions
Reducing food portions is due to reducing the number of foods that contain lots of fat and calories that enter the body. The less fat or calories that enter the body, the faster the body weight will decrease. In addition, you can also replace foods that contain fat with vegetables.

Avoid Soft Drinks
Frequent consumption of soft drinks can destroy efforts to lose weight. This is because the content of a small bottle of soft drinks contains approximately 250 calories and all of them come from sugar. Avoid consuming soft drinks because besides being unhealthy, soft drinks will also make your body have a greater risk of obesity and diabetes.

Avoid Fried Foods
To further maximize your efforts to lose weight, it would be best to avoid fried foods as much as possible because these foods can potentially store trans fat and ultimately can cause fat accumulation in the body. We recommend that you try foods that are boiled, steamed, soup, and so on.

Drink water
If you are dehydrated, the body's metabolic system will be disrupted. This is what can lead to greater accumulation of fat. Make sure to consume water so you don't get dehydrated and you consume at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Causes of weight gain:

When you are stressed, your body will become tense and produce a hormone called cortisol. This hormone is the main cause of increased appetite so that it makes it easy for you to eat any food to calm down.

Technology and lifestyle
A lifestyle with all conveniences such as internet access to almost any place can make people sit in front of the screen longer than before. The habit of sitting for a long time is often combined with the habit of eating high calorie snacks, causing weight gain.

Inhaling secondhand smoke causes your heart rate to increase 10-20 times more in one minute, so the body burns more calories while smoking. When a person stops smoking, the appetite will increase but this effect will disappear within a few weeks. The benefits of quitting smoking will far outweigh continuing to smoke for fear of being fat.

Extreme diet
Extreme diets with the aim of losing weight drastically in a short period of time are ineffective. This method does not train the body to burn large amounts of calories in the long run. As a result, the food you eat will not burn completely and as a result, your body weight will return quickly.

Diseases that can strike if you are overweight:
  1. Can increase the risk of heart disease
  2. Can increase the risk of stroke and high blood pressure
  3. Can increase the risk of heart failure
  4. Can increase the risk of blood fat disorders (dyslipidemia), insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome (syndrome X)
  5. Can increase the risk of cancer.
That's the article that I explain about how to lose weight that you need to know, especially for those of you who are overweight so that you can immediately lose weight in the above way and so that you won't be exposed to the risk of a very classy disease as I also explained above, friend, hopefully the information is useful for all.
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