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Benefits of Seaweed for Body Health

Seaweed is one type of seafood that is nutritious for the health of the body. All types of seaweed starting from Dulse, Bladderwrack, Kombu, Sea Lettuce, to Nori are known to be rich in protein which is good for improving the quality of body health and also has a lot of vitamin content such as Vitamin A, vitamin B 12, calcium, iron, potassium, and iodine. Even the calcium content in seaweed is more than the calcium in beef, broccoli and milk, so it has many benefits for our body health.

Seaweed has been used by the people of Japan and China for thousands of years. Seaweed is a type of sea plant, a type of algae, this plant is commonly called seaweed. Seaweed is different from other plants because seaweed does not have roots, leaves and stems. There are many types of seaweed, including blue, brown, red and green algae.

Seaweed has a lot of nutritional content consisting of 27.8 percent water content, 5.4 percent, protein, 33.3 percent carbohydrates, 8.6 percent fat, 3 percent fiber, 22.25 percent ash, and many nutrients contained in seaweed. Apart from that seaweed also contains enzymes, amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamins, E, vitamin K and macro minerals.

Benefits and Efficacy of Seaweed:

Prevent Anemia

Seaweed, which is spirulina, can stabilize the number of blood cells. Seaweed can also reduce the inhibition of blood cells and increase the production of blood cells in the body because seaweed has a very high iron content.

Prevent cancer

In a Harvard School of Public Health study in America, states that women in Japan are 3x less likely to develop breast cancer, this is because their diet is always seasoning seaweed in every meal. It also accelerates wounds in the body.

For Diet

Seaweed contains natural fiber, according to the function of fiber. Fiber functions to smooth the digestive system, fiber content also makes the stomach feel fuller for longer.

Detoxifies the Body

Seaweed is good for consumption for people who are often exposed to pollution or toxins, the chlorophyll content in seaweed can detoxify the body naturally.

Prevents Bone Loss

Seaweed has 5x the calcium content compared to milk, therefore seaweed can prevent bone and tooth loss.

Salt Substitute

According to research in the UK, seaweed granules can be used as a substitute for salt, and reducing the consumption of fierce is good for reducing the risk of stroke, and the risk of high blood pressure.

Increase Endurance

Seaweed provides stimulants that function to maintain endurance and produce antibodies, cytokines, and other cells that are useful for increasing immunity in the body.

Thus an explanation of the benefits of seaweed for health which is useful for treating various diseases such as those listed above to always be aware of diseases that are very detrimental to our bodies. Happy trying it at home and hopefully the information is useful for all.
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