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How to shrink a distended stomach the traditional way

How to shrink a distended stomach the traditional way
There are important steps that you must do in a program to reduce belly fat. If you are careless in doing it, then the ideal slim stomach is difficult to obtain and is just a dream.

Having a flat stomach and six pack is everyone's dream, not only men but also women. Having a slim stomach can certainly increase self-confidence. But to get these results, many people go through the wrong instant path like hungry for joy.

Improve diet
Diet is one of the most important points in reducing the stomach or losing weight. No matter how hard you exercise, it will not give the maximum effect if your diet is still a mess. For example, you still consume ten pieces of fried food every day or something. Limit protein sources that are high in fat or fried, and replace sources of carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates such as brown rice or oatmeal. In addition, also consume more vegetables and fruit.

Burn fat first
If you have a fat stomach and do sit ups, then you are wrong strategy. Sit ups cannot burn fat because sit ups function to sculpt or build abdominal muscles to make them more six pack. If you force do sit ups it may be useless because your abdominal muscles will not be visible due to being covered by excess fat deposits. The first step you have to do is burn fat first by doing cardio exercises such as jogging, cycling, or swimming.

But if you don't have much time to do these exercises, then you can try High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT which can also burn fat effectively.

Drink enough water

Consuming plain water in one day 24 hours is recommended at least 8 glasses, this is to neutralize toxins in the body. Consuming water properly is also a good diet for those of you who like to snack at night. By consuming water regularly, it will improve digestion.

Consume fibrous foods

why is your stomach distended? This can also be caused by your poor digestion. By consuming fibrous foods, it is hoped that it can help you to run a diet program so that your stomach becomes lean. By consuming enough fiber, this can help smooth your digestion, so that the fat in the body can dissolve and don't settle in your stomach which causes the stomach to become distended. Good sources of fiber for your consumption include fiber obtained from nuts, soy protein, eggs, rice and vegetables, fruits and lean meats.

Eat foods with good fats

When you are on a diet the goal is to reduce fat from the body, but it is not good if you go on a diet without including fat at all. This is good to do as a way to reduce a distended stomach in women who want to slim down their stomachs, by eating foods that have good fats to consume, including avocado, olive oil, and walnuts while you continue to eat these foods, it is hoped that your body's balance is maintained and a diet program. shrinking your distended stomach still goes well.

Get regular exercise

Regular exercise is a way to reduce a distended stomach in men, this method is good because most men prefer to diet by doing activities than women who prefer to adjust their diet, but both men and women exercise regularly is very important so that the body is always healthy. As for sports that are suitable for reducing a distended stomach, among others, by doing sit-ups at least 20-30 times and also stretching the stomach.

This is very good because all the members of your body because then the useless fat that is still left in your stomach can be eliminated naturally. It would be nice to do this when you just wake up, because the food we consume before going to sleep will become energy for us and not become fat. Besides that, the next good exercise is running because by running the calories in the body will burn easily. Playing hula hoop and jumping rope are also good because these sports can also burn calories in the body well.

Body gymnastics

You can do body exercises at home, by doing exercises you will get many benefits because the whole body will move and you can also shrink many parts of the body, including the stomach, thighs and arms. We will provide a way to shrink the stomach and thighs that can be done easily, namely you only need to provide a mattress, and do various exercise movements while lying down. Do stretches for a more dominant stomach and thighs. This will be very good for you to do.

Those are the details about how to reduce a distended stomach that you need to know in order to always maintain health and a regular diet so as not to cause the stomach to become distended which you don't want and are very susceptible to diseases that are very detrimental to our health.
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