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Attribute Changer 10.0a

THEBOEGIS.COM - Attribute Changer is a Windows file manager utility that can help users to quickly change the attributes of files and folders accessible via Windows Explorer.

With this application you can change various file attributes such as: modification date, creation date and last access date as well as changing attributes such as hidden, archive, read only, or system attributes that cannot be seen and like a protected file system.
How to use this program is quite easy, just download the attribute changer application, then install it on your laptop / computer. Then you can change the attributes of a file by right clicking on the file and selecting the "Attribute Changer" menu. Very easy and practical, this application is also very small and free.
Attribute Changer Software provides a single location for editing attributes of a single file or in bulk. Even though it's still the same way to access it by right-clicking on a file or folder in Windows Explorer, the features are easier to use and more complete.
Starting from changing the type whether it will be hidden or not, protected from being deleted, renaming files / folders to certain formats such as all uppercase letters, equalizing the time taken for photos to EXIF ​​data and many more. Averaging can be done in bulk too.
This application is often used to standardize file naming systems and also to synchronize the time the files were created. Even though it seems trivial, when needed to tidy up files and folders it will be very useful.

Lisensi Freeware
Developer Romain PETGES
Sistem Operasi Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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