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How to Form Good Teamwork in the Company?

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It is no secret that teamwork plays a very important role in the sustainability of a business. It takes a long time to form good teamwork . The key lies in the trust between team members. Like any relationship, the collaboration will certainly be stronger if there is a high sense of trust. How do you achieve this?

Increase Empathy

As a leader, you have to really understand that not everyone learns the same way. Likewise with your employees. They may not even have an interest in the same things and their level of knowledge may be below you. Instead of feeling stressed out by these differences, take out your empathy and transfer your knowledge to your employees. Prepare as much resources as possible so that every employee has access to learn many things. This sense of empathy will make it easier for you to accept these differences.

Customize Tasks with Abilities

From the knowledge that you have gained about the abilities of each member, now you can assign tasks according to that portion of the ability. This needs to be done so that each employee can give the best performance based on their respective expertise. This doesn't mean that you always have to give the same tasks. Occasionally, also provide challenges with a level slightly higher than the employees' abilities so that they are motivated to increase their knowledge. Along with this, he can continue to hone his skills.

Eliminate Fear

No matter how confident a person has, at some point they must have felt insecure about other people's judgments about them. This sense of insecure or fear often prevents employees from moving forward. They don't want to take risks or challenges for fear of judgment or poor judgment if they make a mistake. So, for the sake of building good teamwork , make sure that no employee feels this way. Remind them that failures and mistakes are an important part of learning, so there's nothing to worry about.

Balanced Duty and Pleasure

Teamwork is not just doing and completing tasks together. Yes, there is a shared responsibility, but employees also have the right to feel pleasure in the team. In teamwork, there needs to be a balance between the duties and the fun that each member gets. This is what will create a harmonious and solid team dynamic. Every employee feels happy because he feels that their existence is not a "machine" that is constantly being forced to work.

Share a story

Google once conducted a research called Project Aristotle to find out what makes a team work work well. One of the keys they found was psychological safety, about a person's courage to take risks without feeling insecure. In order to increase this psychological safety, Google started their weekly meeting with a story that was shared by each employee. The story revolves around the risks they took the previous week. In this way, Google managed to increase the psychological safety of team members by up to 6%.

There must be parties who are willing to start something in order to build good teamwork . You can become that person by implementing transparent communication so that employees feel "light" to convey opinions or input for the advancement of your team.
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