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Mompreneur as Freelance Accountant? Why not?

Mompreneur? Why not? As time goes by, the debate between housewives and mothers who work as career women seems endless. In fact, if you can do both at once, why not? Now, housewives can also become career women even though they do work at home. One of the professional options to choose from is a freelance accountant .

Freelance accountants are people who work in accounting based on a contract, not as permanent employees. Each contract can last for different times, depending on the project given by the company or client. Sounds pretty flexible, right? The freelance accountant profession allows you to become a mompreneur without having to often leave your children at home.

M enjadi boss for Yourself

Because you are not a permanent employee of a certain company, the position of boss or superior is certainly held by yourself. This is one of the advantages that can most be felt from the freelance accountant profession . The contract system provides freedom that cannot be obtained if you work as a permanent employee. You can arrange work time according to the child's daily activity schedule so that it doesn't interfere with your responsibilities as a mother. You don't even have to go out of the house to do it. As long as the project results can be submitted before the deadline, you are free to determine the time and place for the work yourself.
Even so, sometimes there are some companies or clients that require you to come to their office several times to discuss certain needs. Every client has different terms, so make sure that you and the client have a clear agreement from the start.

Help Maintain a Balance of Life

Being a mother is not an easy profession. Moreover, coupled with the profession as a mompreneur, the challenges are certainly increasing. However, you can still balance the two professions by becoming a freelance accountant. As mentioned above, freelance accountants allow you to be your own boss. You are free to set up time for client accounting projects and care for the children at home. You can determine a work rhythm that best suits your needs.

Plan the Wages You Will Get

Generally, before becoming a freelance accountant, people had already worked as employees in a company. Maybe you are one of them too. If so, of course you have sufficient knowledge of the wage rates that the client must pay to you. Remember that you are only paid for each project or contract awarded. There is no pension compensation or health insurance.
Everyone has a different work rhythm. This work rhythm is the main consideration in determining wages. Think about how much you will charge for each hour or project, then think about how much accounting work you could do during that time. After that, find out what costs are needed to meet your health insurance needs, retirement plans, and so on. If necessary, have a discussion with a financial advisor before making a final decision.

Supported by the Cloud System

Given the importance of accounting in a business, your clients will want to know up-to-date data that you work with. You certainly can't keep sending e-mails every hour to inform you of the progress that has been made, right? This is where you will be greatly helped by cloud -based application software such as Sleekr Accounting. With all the data stored in the cloud, any progress you are working on can be seen immediately by the client as long as there is agreement to collaborate. Security is also maintained because the accounting software uses more than oneserver to store data. You can register yourself now and get a free trial from Sleekr Accounting

What do you think? Are you now interested in making freelance accountants a career? With the various conveniences mentioned above, you can maximize your mompreneur career as a freelance accountant. The flexibility offered also allows you to have a balanced life between a mompreneur and a mother.
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