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5 Tips to Look For in Choosing a Bank When Starting a Business

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Choosing a bank is one of the most important decisions you will have to make when starting a business. You may not want to do it, but borrowing money from a bank is a step you must take to grow your business. In fact, the majority of business people do the same thing.

With so many banks out there claiming to be able to provide assistance to your business, choosing one of them remains a pretty tough thing to do. For that, there are several important things that you should pay attention to before choosing a bank, namely:

Identification of Needs

Before starting to research various banks, first consider carefully why you are doing it. Also pay attention to the number of transactions that you will do every month, the minimum balance that must be in the account, the budget for administrative costs, and so on. Many banks offer low fees but a high penalty if you exceed the transaction limit or the funds in your account are below the minimum. If you are looking for a bank for a loan, you should limit your options to only banks that have lent funds to small businesses because your chances will be greater.

Compare Selected Banks

After identifying what you need from a bank, do a comparison against several banks. Look for a bank that specifically has what you need and contact them for as much information as possible, including additional services, administration fees, interest rates, and so on. Before meeting with the bank, double check the information you get, then specify a few questions if needed. Once your bank options have narrowed further, take special consideration of the various fees that are being installed. The reason is, there are several banks that charge small businesses for certain services.

Technology at the Bank

Technology- literate banks will assist small businesses by “streamlining” core operational functions. In evaluating this factor, you need to understand the basic capabilities of a bank, for example whether it has a mobile application that is easy to use. The evaluation process before choosing a bank will minimize problems. In addition, the bank for your business should also be integrated with third-party applications such as your accounting software . This will save you a lot of time and energy going forward.

Customer Service

When interviewing or meeting with different banks, find out what services they offer and understand their capabilities. A large bank may be able to offer 24 hour service online or via telephone, but most of them do not have a dedicated manager available to deal with customer relationship issues. As a result, they don't understand the big picture of your business. Look for a bank that can make you feel as if you are their only customer.


Don't feel relieved immediately after finding a bank for your business. After that, you still have to re-evaluate the financial needs of your business every time the bank of your choice makes changes to the services it provides, for example, such as increasing interest rates or increasing administrative costs. We recommend that you do this evaluation process every few years. Moreover, your business needs will certainly change along with its development. As a business owner, you must make the bank always aware of changing needs while ensuring that the bank is still able to help you in every phase of your business.

The right bank is proven to be a profitable partner for a business. Not only will it help you borrow funds, but also work with you to plan ahead and provide stability and credibility to your business.
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