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6 Advantages of Having an Online Store for Creative Businesses

In today's digital era, almost all businesses have their own online store . Whether it's by having your own website or by using social media like Facebook or Instagram. Not only makes transactions easier, using an online shop as a marketing strategy can also increase your profit, especially for those who are involved in creative business such as design services or selling fashion products. What are the benefits of owning this online store ?

Ease of access for potential customers

Not everyone now wants to bother coming to a physical store if purchases can be made online . With an online store , you can provide easy access for potential customers. Especially if your online shop is in the form of a website that has a live chat feature . So, potential customers can immediately ask you directly without having to wait for a reply or open another chat application to contact you.

In addition, by having an online store , your business will have a higher chance of appearing in online search engine results , especially if the store is a website that has a blog with an SEO strategy. Not only that, online stores also allow your customers to access them from anywhere and anytime.

Easily accessible product catalog portfolio

Not only for product catalogs, online store ownership via social media or websites can also be a showcase for your portfolio. Mainly for those of you who are engaged in services , such as writing services or animation services. By using one of these types of online stores , you can make potential customers easily see the results of your work.

You don't need to be confused to make a good portfolio display. Currently, there are many websites such as WordPress or Carrd that can make your portfolio look pleasing to the eye. Or, you can have your own website at an affordable price. In addition, this portfolio can also be a good and easy promotion.

Higher level of consumer confidence

When you only offer products or services via chat without a real online store , people will more easily believe you than when you have an online store , especially with your own website plus a high rating. A high level of consumer confidence can also be income for you . With trust, potential customers will think that transactions with you will be safer than others.

Can be integrated with accounting software

You can also use accounting software that is already in circulation for your online store . One of them is Sleekr Accounting . With various features such as Cash Register Integration (POS), you can automatically record transactions and make daily business books directly from the cash register. So, you will not have the hassle of managing the finances of your online store . Instead of doing it manually, using accounting software like this will make it easier for you to make transactions in the market place.

In addition, with Sleekr Accounting, you will also easily perform financial evaluations because this software has Dashboard features and financial reports. So, you can see your financial performance, profit, or revenue anytime and anywhere. For those of you who have stock items with a warehouse, you can also manage them with Sleekr Accounting. Starting from stock items, goods transfer, to stock-taking from one warehouse (or more) effectively.

Look more professional with the website

Apart from social media, it is recommended that you have your own website as one of your online stores. Not only can you create a website with your own company name, this ownership can also be a measure of professionalism. Some people tend to prefer to transact with companies that have their own websites . In websit e that you can list the address and contact clearer. Also, someone can understand you better by looking at the website .

With the website too, you can combine it with social media or shop online you another. As incorporated with e-commerce platforms . With this too, you can easily sell your product or service more professionally to others. Purchasing a website is not as expensive as you might think, some are even sold for around Rp. 500,000 (including design and domain ).

Easier product control and updates

With an online shop , you will be able to have control over your business. So, if there is a change in price, conditions or other things, you can immediately do it without waiting for someone else to change it. It's not like when you have a joint account with another person or company.

There are many reasons why an online store can be a solution for your creative business. Moreover, with accounting software such as Sleekr Accounting, your work will be made easier and productivity will certainly be smoother. Come on, immediately register your company for a free trial using Sleekr Accounting . During the trial period, you can contact the Sleekr Accounting team if you are having trouble, free of charge!
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