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Selena Gomez Photo Gallery

We can guarantee that before going out with Justin Bieber, no one knew who Selena Gomez was. Selena Gomez was claimed to be nobody before dating Justin Bieber, although she has a cute face and of course beautiful, Selena Gomez would not be as famous now if not dating Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez's childhood is not what you think Urbaners are. When Selena Gomez was born, her mother was only 16 years old! In Indonesia, 16 years old usually has just entered grade 1 SMA or even 3 SMP. Having a very young mother, made Selena Gomez's childhood very much, her parents divorced and finally Selena was raised by her grandparents.

But who would have thought Urbaners, apparently under the guidance of her grandparents, Selena found a way to be in the entertainment world. He participated in several castings for soap operas and commercials. Her cute face makes Selena Gomez easy to pass the casting.

Selena Gomez Photo Gallery

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