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Effect of Attendance Application Use for Company Development

Entering the business world which is increasingly dynamic every day, the perpetrators are always required to keep abreast of the times. These developments certainly have an impact on every aspect of the business, which must then be addressed wisely so that the business can continue to show progress. Forms of change include the applicable regulations, attendance application systems and cloud -based HR management , to information and resource management. Of the many that are constantly changing in the business world, there is one thing that does not change in number, namely time.

Time management is a big factor in determining business development. Every person and business actor has the same time in one day, but of course what will show more rapid development is the one who uses the time optimally. This time utilization is then influenced by the transition of various systems to digital forms which all run in real time and are very fast.

In practice, a simple change that can be made to increase the effectiveness of using time is the application of cloud -based attendance applications . This application can greatly save time used by employees to do attendance, if it was done with a fingerprint machine or even manual attendance, so that the work time becomes more. Logically, the more time that can be used, the workload that is owned will also increase.

In terms of human resource management or HR, you will also feel the difference by implementing this attendance system. Some of the basic differences include:

Much Shorter Time Attendance

The use of attendance applications in companies is proven to fundamentally reduce the time used for attendance. The application of this system allows employees to do attendance from their respective smartphones so that it can be done exactly on a specified schedule without having to queue at one particular machine. The use of applications also allows high employee mobility without requiring them to come to the office first just to do absent work.

Attendance List Management Effectiveness

The use of attendance applications is usually accompanied by a more neat and organized archival storage of recorded data. Of course, with a neat file, strategic decision making related to employee attendance can be done more quickly. Imagine if in the present you are forced to deal with a pile of documents that only contain employee attendance lists, how much time you waste just reading and looking for the data you need. With the attendance application, finding the required data is as easy as typing in the name of the document or data required, and you will have the data you need. The effectiveness of using time becomes high and time can be allocated to other work channels.

Optimization of HR Staff

Overall, the use of attendance applications can improve staff optimization in the HR field. By using the application, a lot of work can be done faster because everyone has a system set up. You don't need to waste staff in the HR department so that resources that were used up in the HR field can be optimized in other fields. The easy to use application allows you to assign this to employees without requiring too many HR experts.

Connect with Management of Other Fields

Attendance applications do not usually stand alone but are included in the complete HR system. This application comes along with features of tax management , work shift management, leave management, to payroll payments , and BPJS. Of course, with the many features that come with it, you can maximize the use of this system to increase company productivity.

From some of the things above, you can see how shifting the use of the timesheet system can have such a big impact on the company's development.
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