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Positive Impact of Using Attendance Applications to Optimize Employee Performance

The problem of employee attendance sometimes requires special attention. How come? Rogue employees who often don't come to work but can do absences are still often found. This individual employee is usually a disease that can be a big loss for the company. The attendance system becomes important when something like this happens. That is why the attendance application usage system began to be widely used in various companies.

The absence of employees has a significant effect on the performance that employees provide for the company. If indeed then a job can be done remotely or without being present at the company, it is not a problem. However, for jobs that generally require employee attendance at the company, this absence will be a problem and lead to a decline in the employee's performance. The use of attendance applications basically aims to exercise better control, on the attendance of employees who have to come to the office and employees who do work with remote systems . The use of attendance applications has a certain impact on employee performance. The following explanations will provide an overview of the impacts.

Control Daily Attendance & Work of Employees

First, be clear about attendance control, you as HR or the company can clearly know when the employee is present and when the employee returns. In some companies, it is mandatory for employees to also report what they have done on that one working day. Of course this daily report will facilitate job evaluation which is usually carried out periodically at a later date. Employees who attend and leave on time are assumed to have done the work targets that have been set, so that company productivity will not be disturbed and can run effectively.

Minimizing Errors in Calculating Working Hours and Overtime

By using the attendance application, the company will know the working hours of employees who enter on that day. Thus, if there are employees who do overtime it will also be found easily. From the side of the company itself, clarity of working hours will increase the effectiveness of paying salaries and calculating overtime so as to ensure that each employee's rights are given according to what was done. The problem of overtime counter errors can be easily resolved, departing from the data archives that are clearly recorded in the existing attendance application.

Increase Employee Work Enthusiasm by Calculating Salaries

If the payment of salaries and overtime is done transparently and uses a clear calculation basis, then no employee will feel that they are not getting their rights. Just imagine, if the overtime calculation error occurs repeatedly and causes employees not to get their rights, the employee's enthusiasm for work will decrease because they feel that the overtime they are doing is not being rewarded properly. With the use of the attendance application, once again, employee data and working hours can be recorded clearly and neatly filed so that the company has a clear basis for calculating the salaries and overtime performed.

Taking holiday rations is more organized, maintaining a good atmosphere in the world of work

Many attendance applications that are used also provide features for applying for holidays or leave that are the rights of employees. You can easily organize this because everything is clearly recorded in the archive. Looking at the existing archives, you can cross-check employees who have worked overtime for several days and deserve leave. This needs to be done so that the overtime spirit of these employees is maintained and is still able to give their best performance. Of course, it is common knowledge for the HR department that employees with a good mood will perform well.

Some of the things above are clear impacts that can arise with clear attendance organization using attendance applications. Although it sounds trivial, data on employee absenteeism has many benefits and can also be used to improve employee performance in the company.
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