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4 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Cloud Storage Based Time Attendance Application

The presence of employees and office staff on time will be a good thing to accelerate the development of the company. Indeed, in practice, there are also many offices or companies that have very flexible working hours so that employees no longer need to be present at nine o'clock, but as long as one working day can meet the agreed work time quota. The definition of on time is no longer just coming right at nine in the morning, but in accordance with the work agreement. To support this timeliness, you will be greatly helped by using an attendance application.

Several things you need to know why the use of attendance applications is important. Apart from the matter of punctuality and flexibility of working hours as mentioned above, attendance applications also usually have a clear and neat filing system. Further on the reasons for using the attendance application, you can listen to the explanation below.

Less Expenditures for Fingerprint Time Machine

The use of fingerprint as an attendance system is widely used in various companies. This system is used because it can record directly according to the time the employee puts his finger on the machine. Indeed, in terms of data validity this is a plus. However, if you look at practicality, using the fingerprint system requires a special machine so of course it needs a separate fund allocation.

With the use of an attendance application, you no longer need to think about a fingerprint machine , because absences can be done using a smartphone owned by each employee. Every smartphone from employees and office staff will be connected to one large system that allows employees to be present from anywhere.

Minimizing the Potential for Cheating from Unscrupulous Employees

In this case, the attendance application can greatly reduce the level of fraud because the identity of each employee will have clear and very personal data so that it is almost impossible to cheat the existing system. Although the fingerprint system also has these advantages, basically the attendance application system is the next stage of the fingerprint system . The difference is that if fingerprint uses fingerprints, the attendance application will use the employee's smartphone as the main device for attendance.

The assumption is, of course, that every employee has a smartphone , both personal and from the office, which has a unique and different identity for each employee. In addition, the identity and attendance system can only be done by entering a certain password so that the security and data entered is more valid.

Increasing the Work Effectiveness of Employees Working in the Field

Imagine when you implement a fingerprint system that requires each employee to come to the machine and stick his finger on the existing sensor. It will be effective if the employee works in an office, but for employees who work in the field this will be a waste of time. The time it takes to come to the office and be absent and return to the field again tends to decrease its work effectiveness . By using the attendance application, employees who work in the field can easily do attendance via smartphonesthey have and can go straight to their place of work. Time previously spent on the road can now be used to work in the field so that projects or jobs will be completed more quickly.

Employee Work Analysis Without the Need to Do Absent Recapitulation

Employee attendance records are stored in the cloudstore which can be accessed by all those who have authority. When you need to make strategic decisions related to employees, you can easily access this data and don't have to come far to the office. In addition, you can use any recorded data to review employee performance and employee attendance because recorded data can be recorded in detail.

Some of these reasons are strong reasons why you should consider using an attendance application to replace the previous system. By understanding these reasons, of course you can plan the next steps related to employee attendance.
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